Friday, 29 April 2011

Oh my days, it's been a right Royal havoc today!!

Biiiig day today in the world of the British. I have never felt so patriotic and completely in love with our Royal family as I did today.

Today in a world that seems to be falling apart around us, we got to take a break. We got to come together in unity and say, 'Yes man, let's go to a wedding!' And boy did we do it. I watched the crowd in London today and I felt that familiar urge to jump out of my seat and bellow the national anthem at the top of my lungs.

In case you hadn't heard, Prince William (future king in like 70 years at this rate) got married to the absolutely stunning and completely normal Kate Middleton, making her the future queen of England (again, when she's old and grey).

Let's look at the lovely couple shall we?

So here's my day in a nutshell.

Wake up to radio station trying to convince their correspondent who was in Buckingham Palace to steal something. Realise this could only mean that the day had finally arrived so tweeted my excitement and started the day with a skip in my step.

Turned up at Rachael-The-Bully and Claire-The-Bully's house with bacon and bread so we could watch the lead up to the wedding on Rachael-The Bully's big screen and feed ourselves as well.

I check my watch and tut in a disapproving manner as it would seem William was already late to his day. My mind then starts to imagine scenarios where he's completely freaked out and is insisting he can't go through with it.

I realise my imagination has run away with me again and Prince William leaves Buckingham Palace with Prince Harry (or as I like to call him, 'The ultimate hunky ginger'). We all cross our fingers and toes in hope that he makes it to Westminster Abbey without any bombs or snipers going off.

They make it and I start breathing again.

10:30am - 11:00am
All the other Royal family arrive (Prince Charles and Camilla, Queen Elizabeth etc). Claire-The-Bully and I remark at how beautiful Kate's sister Pippa looked in her maid of honour dress. Rachael-The-Bully snaps at both myself and Claire-The-Bully for talking over the top of the commentator. Claire-The-Bully and I apologise.

11:05am (or there abouts)
Kate smuggles herself into the car that will be taking her to Westminster Abbey. We catch a glimpse of the dress. Claire-The-Bully and I marvel over what we've seen so far and comment on the lace at the top. Rachael-The-Bully turns the TV up uncharacteristically loud and throws us both a glare. Claire-The-Bully and I apologise again.

11:15 - 13:45
Kate arrives at Westminster Abbey and we finally get to see the full effect of the dress. It's minimalistic, elegant and absolutely gorgeous. We all agree on this and give our approval. I ring the Royal Wedding planners and tell them they can go ahead with the wedding because it's a unanimous approval from us three. They are grateful and radio it in that Kate can proceed into the building. She does.

The service was gorgeous, the hymns were well picked and Prince Harry was on top form, looking back at Kate as she walked down the aisle and then reporting back to Wills on what he saw. I like to think he said something along the lines of "She looks well fit mate." On the way out I make a comment about how I wouldn't put it past Harry to now hit on Pippa in his role as best man. In true timing genius, the next shot was Harry sliding in a few smooth words to Pippa as they left the church. Loved it.

Kate meets the crowd in her first appearance as a member of the Royal Family and Duchess of Cambridge. She looks stunning and gets into the carriage with such grace. Claire-The-Bully and I both agree that she may need to work on her wave a bit more. It seemed less regal and more "Everyone, look at me! I'm a princess!" Mind you, she did just become a Princess after coming out of almost nowhere so fair play Kate, you deserve that kind of wave! Rachael-The-Bully makes some kind of sarcastic remark about how they don't even need a commentator on the TV if we were going to insist on talking all the way through. Claire-The-Bully and I look at each other sheepishly and apologise again.

We wait an hour and marvel at the thousands of people who had turned up to see this wedding. All agreeing that we were a little jealous for not making the effort ourselves.

Kate and Wills come out onto the balcony and grace us with not one but two kisses as official husband and wife! (I absolutely loved that the second kiss was after Wills turned to Kate and went, "Another kiss?")

We all celebrated and hoorahed and laughed and got all patriotic.

14:30 - 20:00
I went to a barbeque to celebrate the wedding round Good-Buddy-Karls. I brought face paint. I saw this face (it belongs to a friend called Ben).

I knew I had to paint it. Ben wasn't happy with this decision so we made a deal. If I painted a Union Jack on my face without looking in a mirror then he would let me paint a lion's face onto his. I agreed.

It ended in this.

Only problem was I caught the bug and was soon begging others to let me try. Which turned into this.

(That's a Union Jack, a lion, and two pirates in case you weren't sure.)

The kids at the barbeque were also very excited about the face paints and attacked every person they could get their hands on, which turned into this.

All in all, Good times.

Cheers Wills and Kate, have a fabtabulous marriage!

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