Monday, 9 September 2013

Older-Brother-Glyn has apparently turned out to be quite the romantic

Okay, so those who follow me on Twitter might have heard some very excited tweets coming from my way a couple of weeks ago in relation to a certain family member of mine and a proposal that was simply out of this world.

Older-Brother-Glyn fought off the curse that seemed to have grabbed hold of myself and my siblings. One that has pretty much been our lives for as long as we can remember. You see, it's not just me that has seemed incapable of forming a romantic attachment to another human being, but one that both my brothers have (until recent years) also struggled with. We never knew why we seemed incapable of relationships, but we were all three seemingly without the ability for the majority of our lives.

This is why, when Older-Brother-Glyn announced initially, a year and a half ago, that he was now dating an actual real life human being, we were all a little bit shocked and not quite believing it to be true. Marmie, who loves us  three deeply and is desperate to see us hitched and withchild, seemed to treat the whole relationship with a "held-breath" kind of attitude, whispering words like "marriage" and "grandchildren" to anyone who would listen with a hint of hope for the first time.

Naturally, there was a little bit of scepticism over the whole thing at first. Not because Older-Brother-Glyn was horrible to date or disgusting or anything, but because, put simply, it had not been done in our family before.

The months continued and for some miraculous reason, Older-Brother-Glyn and The-Lovely-Amy continued to date. As for the rest of us in the family, we were in unchartered territory. We had not known a relationship to succeed within the confines of our family before (with the exception, of course of Marmie and Father, they have always worked like clockwork). We continued to watch with baited breath as Christmas began to approach in 2012. It was amazing, for the first time it looked as if we would have an actual +1 for the annual Christmas parties with the external family. No longer would we be the pariahs amongst a sea of cousins with loving and doting partners... we might actually have a person to present and say that, somehow, we had managed to finally show we were capable of this form of romantic attachment.

Naturally, you can see that I had decided to claim The-Lovely-Amy as a +1 for the family rather than just for Older-Brother-Glyn. In fairness, there was an air of desperation within that, as part of me assumed that this would be the only one we would get to show.

The way that I am describing this, makes it seem like myself, Older-Brother-Glyn and Younger-Brother-Daniel are trollish looking or the most annoying people to be around or just plain unloveable... I really don't mean that to be the case. And, in fairness, both Older-Brother-Glyn and Younger-Brother-Daniel had been able to actually hold relationships in the past, and were not nearly as hopeless as I appeared to be in that area. However, for whatever reason, none of us had ever been able to make one stick long enough to class the relationship as "serious."

Anywho, that's our curse. And, as I said, Older-Brother-Glyn seemed to have found a way to circumvent that with The-Lovely-Amy.

Needless to say however, that, due to our severe lack of long-term partners, when The-Lovely-Amy seemed to decide she wanted to stick around, our entire family was not quite sure how to behave around it. We hadn't the experience to know what to do. As such, it resulted in Marmie's inclination to mention weddings and marriages on almost every family outing with her and the rest of us to roll our eyes outwardly whilst inwardly crossing our fingers and hoping that something might actually come of it. We were like gossiping school children whenever we spoke to each other, always wanting to know how Older-Brother-Glyn was doing in his relationship and what they had done recently, etc.

And then, about three months ago, Older-Brother-Glyn announced to us that he was intending to pop the question. Thus started one of the longest three months of our lives, all of us secretly glad that we lived far away from the couple as otherwise one of us was sure to slip up and tell her... He gave us a clue of how he was going to do it, mentioning a treasure hunt around London, ending at a mutual friends' house where all friends and family would be waiting for her, secretly.

For the remainder of what had actually happened, I refer you to the below video that I put together of the day. But just so you know, The-Lovely-Amy did say yes... which means that now the entire family are in complete new territory. Trust me, Older-Brother-Glyn was majorly romantic in what he had done... watch the video... he really outdid himself!

Peace out my lovelies.