Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What do you know? I can talk about other people too... occasionally.

Since I started writing this blog, every so often someone highlights an interesting thing to me and suggests I write a post about it.

For the most part I will agree that this particular fact would make an awesome post but due to rubbishness on my part, I never get round to writing it.

Monday, however, something was brought to my attention so awesome I couldn't let it pass by.

So today my post is not going to be about me. Today, I present to you the lovely and beautiful Anna Tidey.

(Yes, that is her real hair colour... I know, I'm jealous too)

Anna you may recognise from this post and she is one of the loveliest ladies I've ever met.

Random fact about her you may not know: Two and a half years ago, when I started writing my book 'Serenity,' she was my muse for one of my main characters and now as I write the second book, she continues to be.

All that being said, aside from her hair, Anna has always had a certain aspect about her that has made me envy her ridiculously. That aspect is her name.

You see, Anna has one of the coolest mixes ever. She is absolutely tiny (under 5 feet I believe) and she has the surname Tidey. Yes, ladies and gents, you're right, that could only mean one thing.

She has at her disposal her own series of merchandise.

For years I have envied her for this, crying into my pillow at night for not having a surname that also means 'chatty' or 'giggles.'

On Monday though, Anna brought to my attention something new that she had discovered about her name and this fact has now had me searching the internet to see how much it would cost to change my name by Deed Poll.

Anna discovered that not only did her name mean that she never need have to put a name tag in her clothes ever again, but it was also a verifiable phobia.

Not only that, but this phobia is freaking awesome.

So I leave you with the best name ever and I'll see you next year at the annual 'I've changed my name to Anna Tidey' conference.

Definition for anatidaephobia:
Anatidaephobia is the fear of being watched or stalked by a duck.

Coolest name EVER.


  1. After reading this, I thought 'how the hell do you find out something like that?!'

    Then I googled brinephobia. I got 2 pages about ppl that are afraid of 'brining a turkey'.

    That phrase filled me with angst, about what my relatives or namesakes may have been up to.

  2. You mean you have a phobia too?? Don't be filled with angst Marc!! Hold your head high!

    I'm officially jealous of two people now.