Saturday, 9 April 2011

There's something quite poetic about having several revelations in a day where I have done absolutely nothing.

Today on our fourth day of sun I have not left the house once. I thought about it, I even got changed into a strap top and three quarter lengths and spent a long time gazing out the window, but the action to leave the house never came. This was silly. Especially as it's predicted to rain tomorrow.

In spite of all of this I have discovered a plethora of amazing revelations today and I would like to share them with you.

1. People should not be allowed to make a film if they are going to try and realistically sell a scene whereby a massively drunk man is watched by 100 wedding guests get into a car and drive off without one person making a protest. They couldn't even hide this behind it being a comedy! Mind you, Miley Cyrus was the main character of this particular film so I shouldn't be expecting too much out of it.

2. When my kitchen sink takes 45 minutes to empty I should probably come to terms with the fact that there is a blockage somewhere in the pipes.

3. I have no idea how to unblock a kitchen sink.

4. I have a very 'head in the sand' attitude towards sink blockages as I'm convinced that if I leave it a day it will have magically fixed itself.

5. I may have finally reached the point where I am bored of spending an entire day on my own. First time in 4 months of flat living.

6. I have no short term memory at all and am rather prone to turning the tap on in the kitchen sink just a mere 20 minutes after I have finally emptied the sink of water.

7. Hot weather, a glass of Pimms and curtains open in my living room are the secret solution to making me do housework.

8. My kitchen floor is so much nicer now my feet don't stick to it as I walk to my cooker.

9. Blood does not come off my bath tub. Not even after four months of bleach.

10. I can now sing all the harmonies to Starkid's "Not alone."

11. Sitting on my sofa in my pyjamas past three o clock makes me smell.

12. Watching "So you think you can dance" makes me depressed I can't bend my leg back over my head and jump into the air like they do.

That's all.

Oh and if anyone knows how to unblock a sink I would really appreciate your input.


  1. tried this?

  2. I predict a shop to tesco's in my day tomorrow... Do I just put it in and leave it? Are they expecting me to have a plunger? Because I don't.

  3. Nah, you just poor it in, and leave it for a while, if I remember rightly.
    'britstore' is a bit of a random link isn't it?! (was the first one for mr muscle on google images!)

  4. Lol. I did wonder about that. I thought it might be a secret shop that only you knew about.

  5. Oh and thanks for the tip. I will certainly give it a try!

  6. If chemicals don't work, you might try inspecting the P-Trap under your sink. That's the little bit of pipe that makes a U-turn under your sink. There's often a little nut ay the bottom of the U that can be unscrewed for doing cleanouts.

    If this does not work, then move somewhere newer. Don't look back - just pack up and leave.

  7. Ha ha!! Genius of an idea. And one I have already considered the day I found two flies in my kitchen and couldn't get them out (I am referring to the pack up and leave advice not the P trap advice, I doubt that would have helped the fly situation).