Sunday, 17 November 2013

A blog post that kinda got away from me...


Not only have I disappeared of the scale of blogging, but I've also been a sucky tweeter. I know. I should be shot. I don't blame you if you feel the need to do the shooting... I would ask if you think about it before hand though. Although I would understand, I also don't particularly want to die just yet, so if you can find it in your heart to not kill me and just leave horse heads in my bed instead, that would be grand... Let me know, I'll send you the address.

So what have I been up to? Pretty damn well everything. Since last we spoke, I've moved jobs, almost finished my second book, (which is called "A World Reborn: Book two of the Utopia Series." (For book one, look to your right.... I've put it down the margin about 15,000 times, so you shouldn't be able to miss it)), I've also been editing another book which should be coming out to buy in the shops next year. This book is immense, and when I can, I will devote an entire post to it, it's an expose and very well put together. In addition to this, I've been preparing to move into my 5th house in 3 years and 13th house overall... I haven't found a place yet but I have been given a month to look... I'm not going to lie, I haven't really got to any proper substantial stage with this yet, apart from to randomly shout out "balls" whenever I remember that it's happening. I find the turrets is helping the coping process a little...

I would also like to stress that the reasons for having to move out aren't that I'm horrible to live with and the housemates have had enough (as far as I'm aware, but you never know, of course). It was rather that the landlord wants the house back and so we have to find somewhere else. It kinda sucks because, although I haven't really mentioned this house much on the blog, I have really enjoyed living here. I've lived with 4 other people. They are fun and sing lots around the house and I never feel lonely... also, the thought of moving house for the 13th time... I can't even... it's just ridiculous. No. Hate it. Brain collapsing... words no longer forming... "BALLS!!"

And now I feel better.

Anywho, news on the book front. I am aiming for a publishing date of Christmas-ish. I'm currently utilising the world of NaNoWriMo once more to finish it. It's been touch and go, mainly because of my new job starting, as well as the promise of the Doctor Who 50 years episode, for which I have been feverishly preparing, by re-watching all Doctor Who Episodes from Christopher Eccleston to current day. Some people may see this as procrastinating instead of working... to those people I say this... "What do you know? Huh? Have you even seen Doctor Who? If you have and still don't like it, I don't understand you, but I will acknowledge that people are entitled to their own opinion, even if that opinion is wrong. To those who haven't seen it and claim they hate it... You can't say that!!! You don't know. Don't form opinions over something so awesome without seeing the awesome for yourself... and if you ever find yourself against alien attack and that TARDIS sound never materialises, then you only have yourself to blame as you inevitably die, for not trusting in the doctor hard enough. Not that any of that made sense to you as you've never bothered to find out..."

... People have been telling me lately that my marathon watching of this programme appears to have changed me slightly. I don't know what that's about. I think it's perfectly normal to dream that your in a three way relationship with both David Tennant and Matt Smith, trying to make it work whilst aliens attack the house you live in, where the children to one, if not both, of them are also living. Then, say, if that dream were to progress so that you were suddenly at a party where some guy steals your purse and you end up having an argument with Matt Smith about how he's meant to be the Doctor and yet he didn't do anything to stop the mugging, which then turned into a nag about how you needed more from your husbands and it wouldn't kill them to do the dishes once in a while... that's normal, right?

Also, Younger-Brother-Daniel and I have got tickets for Leicester Square viewing of Doctor Who in 3D... Now, although nothing's been announced, Leicester Square is the place in London where the majority of our film Premieres take place. If anyone was going to turn up, it would be there... and that? That would be glorious.


I had every intention today to write a blog about my new job... however, it would appear that I have gone on a slight bit of a tangent... I guess this is just a very valid excuse for me to have to come back and tell you about it tomorrow... It's okay, I've finished the Doctor Who marathon now and, although I am now currently make my way through re-watching Green Wing (one of the weirdest and best comedy series this country has ever had to offer, I recommend it), it's only two series long of 8 episodes each and I'm already on season 2, so I'll have loads of time left... I promise I'll come back.

Peace out my lovelies