Saturday, 16 April 2011

Flight of the conchords is my life and RACHAEL has ruined it!!!!!

I'm around Rachael's house tonight. The most amazing thing happened, flight of the conchords was on! I was watching in true love obsession. Then the worst person in the world changed the channel. Suddenly in a fit of passion, I slapped Rachael silly and insisted that I needed to see them perform but she didn't care!! She just insisted on finding a 'better channel!' Like such a channel exists!!!!!

I fell into a fit of depression as I tried to find the awesome magical channel that showed 'Flight of the Conchords' but I couldn't find it! She had lost it forever! I'm soooo upset. I've lost my reason for living and Rachael is the reason for this. And Claire, who is supposed to be my friend, just laughed and let it happen.

They complained that this would make them see like bullies again, but I argued that if they had just let me have my moment of happiness they would have seemed like angels. They ruined my life however and now I am crying... Rachael and Claire, you don't understand my life and the happiness involved. You've ruined my life of happiness.


UPDATE: I couldn't add this as I was at Rachael's at the time of writing the above post but when I asked Claire and Rachael to show their remorse for their horrible deed this was what they told me to upload...



  1. LOL LOL LOL. Bit pished when writing this Lisa?? ;)

  2. Being pished has nothing to do with it! Pretty sure I would have been equally upset about this without the wine... bullies.