Sunday, 10 April 2011

The completely dangerous and highly complex issue of unclogging my sink for the very first time.

This post is going to be marked as a real time account of my new milestone in my flat. I do need your help and advice in this so please PLEASE keep reading.

Okay, so as a result to yesterday's post whereby I discovered (amongst many other very important revelations) that my kitchen sink was blocked I was advised to purchase a Mr Muscle cleaning foam type thing as a way of cleaning it all again.

I have bought that product and by way of advertisement I suppose, here it is.

(Mr Muscle feel free to send my check in the post)

I heard something from Good-Buddy-Hannah that if I were to pour this stuff down the sink the wrong way I would cause a foam explosion and this would be bad. I looked at the bottle's instructions, determined not to do this but could not find a particular rule on which is the right way to pour the stuff down the sink!

My panic now risen as I realised I would have to guess and risk possibly coating myself in a substance of foam that I'm pretty sure is toxic to human skin, I took the plunge, crossed myself, and tried.


I'm not quite sure if what has happened is right. I need advice please. Although you'll be pleased to know that there was no explosion and so none of my skin has melted off my body. A lot of the foam seemed to have missed the plug entirely and has spread itself across the surface of my sink, like so.

I have to wait an hour now for it to do it's work. But is this normal?? Should I be worried? Or should I be cheering the foam on for doing such a good job? Please let me know before my house potentially blows up due to my complete lack of knowledge in household cleaning appliances.

UPDATE: 17:11

Completely unrelated news, but I've just found out that Robert Sheehan isn't returning to do the third series of Misifts... I think I just heard my heart break into two. I'm going to go and cry now. I'll post an update of the unclogging sink once I'm allowed to test it and I've stopped weeping into a pot of ice cream.

UPDATE: 17:28

Looking good... I think. Although the joy of this seems tainted now. I'm now living in a world where Robert Sheehan's not in Misfits. What's the point in anything anymore? And before you say anything, this is not dramatic. This is raw and real and sad.

UPDATE: 17:55

Robert Sheehan and Mr Muscle didn't work.

This day sucks.


  1. My condolences. Is the drain ANY better? Not sure about UK availability, but over here you can get a drain cleaner that is essentially a can of (very) compressed air.

    More importantly: Sheehan's done?! Bollocks to that. His closing scene in Series 1's final episode was sublime.

  2. The speech was epic. Have you seen season 2? I simply loved it to bits.

    As for the compressed air. What's the brand called and I'll have a looksie to see if I can find it!

    I fear I may have to get my hands dirty however and physically clean the pipe myself... or get someone else to do it for me!