Monday, 18 April 2011

Best thing EVER!!!!

Hey guys,

So I'm a little obsessed with the stats page on my blog. It allows me to see which posts are being viewed the most and where in the world people are watching etc etc. One of the sections on it lets me know how the people found my blog. Usually through Google, but today I had a little look and saw a new website on there. Intrigued as to how that is anything to do with me I went onto the website and FOUND THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Hazzah!! People who do not know me are recommending me!! Hazzah Hazzah Hazzah!! Happiness in a bag is this day!


  1. Ah A ping tool is something that pings the connection to the website your blog is on too tell others if the server up or down, but tbh I never really see them used much

  2. I didn't quite follow that... can you explain it as if I was like five? Feel free to use pictures in your explanation.

  3. I have also been recommended on pingy.
    I also do not know what it is.

  4. There should be a website that explains websites...