Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A false sense of righteousness can be a bitch to get out of your clothes.

For the past few months, as I have been going blog crazy on this thing, I have had the odd complaint from friends and family as they stated that they weren't able to comment on what I had to say. 

This, I'm ashamed to say, was met with a smug shake of my head and roll of my eyes as I (rather patronisingly) said I would go over what they should be pressing next time I'm with them. 

I would then add to them that I understood blogspot might not be the easiest way to comment if you aren't a member yourself but it is possible. You just have to know what to push.

This was usually met with gratitude and faith in me that I knew what I was talking about with this particular blogging site... being that I probably spend more time with it than with any real person. 

Also a lot of my friends are like Rachael-The-Bully who... Well let's just say, she doesn't exactly speak the language of her laptop. As such I'm used to helping them with issues such as:
Friend A: Lisa the font on my document is bigger than I remember it being but the size still says 12 just like it always is. 
Me: Let me see... Ah yes there's your problem, you've zoomed in on the screen. If I just zoom out... There, better?
Friend A: Oh! I didn't know it could do that.


On the phone. 

Friend B: Okay now what do I do?
Me: You need to refresh the screen so press F5. 
Friend B: Okay.... Done. 
Me: Can you see the changes you made now?
Friend B: Nope, everything's the same. 
Me: Huh, that's weird, that should have worked. Try clicking anywhere outside the box and then press F5 again. 
Friend B: Okay... Done. Still nothing. 
Me: That really should work. 
Friend B: Let me try it a few more times. 

I hear the sound of her pressing the keys and become suspicious. 

Me: What exactly are you pressing right now?
Friend B: F then 5, just like you told me. 
Me: Ah, now I see the problem. You see the row of keys above where the numbers are? 
Friend B: Yeah?
Me: Can you see a key that says F5 all in one?
Friend B: .... Oh. 

So as a result I've turned into a slightly cocky and ever so superior person when it comes to computer skills with these people. 

This is a disgusting and highly shameful personality trait to have developed and today I am going to swallow a large dose of humble pie. 

To all those who said they couldn't comment on my blog without an active account, (a response that was met with a rather patronising and arrogant look) I am deeply sorry. It turns out until this day you have not been able to add a comment because I had never set the access levels to allow you to. 

Therefore your comments were inadvertently prohibited by me. This is an action I'm deeply regretting and I assure you was not intentionally meant. But now it's active! Now any Tom, Dick and Harry can comment! Oooh actually if you are either a Tom, Dick or Harry please leave a comment anyway. It can be just as simple as hello if you like but if I could get a post with comments from a Tom, Dick and Harry I'm pretty sure I could die a happy and complete person. 

Peace out my lovelies. 


  1. LOL so you finally got it - why do you think I kept leaving my comments on FB?

  2. You have now just discovered one of the real reasons I started a blog. It was so frustrating reading yours and not being able to comment!

  3. LOL!! I told you I'm unbelievably and unnecessarily cocky. Now I have been shot down a peg or two the world makes sense again. Love you girls muchly and welcome to Blogger!!

  4. Does that mean you will now be able to read what I write in this. Love you lots

  5. Ah mum. Always one for the words.