Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I'm still young and hip... in a really sensible and respectable way.

Just a quick moment of post before I head to Bedfordshire...

I've just arrived home from the cinema. Being one of those really cool people who believes themselves to be above driving a car, I caught the bus home.

Whilst on the bus a rather frightening realisation hit me. The first thing that led me to this realisation was my thoughts on the bus drivers driving. I couldn't help but notice that the man seemed to be driving far too fast for what I found to be comfortable. I know it was late and so there was no traffic on the road but still, it concerned me slightly and left me wondering if this speed was at all necessary.

Then I thought that I really shouldn't judge without knowing the whole situation. I mean, I've seen Speed and sure I didn't see Keanu Reeves or Sandra Bullock anywhere but that didn't mean that there wasn't some form of life threatening device attached to the bus. Maybe the driver was simply trying to keep us all alive rather than dicing with death as I had initially thought.

Also I noticed that no one else on the bus seemed to notice the speed we were currently going at, so I had to assume that maybe this was another of my over reactions. Whatever the case was, it didn't alas, stop me from tutting under my breath in a rather disapproving manner.

This all happened without me really thinking anything of my reactions. However, the next thing I caught myself doing made me stop myself in my tracks.

Just as we were pulling away from a bus stop, three young ruffians around their teenage years ran across the road right in front of us. They all made it across the road unscathed but not before I caught myself throwing them the 'Old lady look of disgust.'

Yes people, I have turned into the oldest 25 year old in the world as in one single moment I had turned into that lady who wonders what the youth of today are like that they would dare throw themselves in front of a moving vehicle. I didn't see the look I gave them but I'm pretty sure it looked something like this.

I'm going to go and crawl under my electric blanket, finish the last part of the jumper I was knitting and listen to Radio 4 on the Wireless whilst taking the last of my glaucoma medicine. It always helps me sleep better.

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