Fancy knowing who I am?

Sup dudes.

I'm Lisa and I work, by day, as a Medical Secretary, and by night (and sometimes in the day too) as a person who writes a lot.

This blog is basically just my life within the form of daily musings and my personal outlook on the world. It tends to mainly be comical, as I'm not a fan of taking things too seriously, but occasionally I go deep and philosophical. Usually around the time of my period.

Additionally, I've written a book. It's about the end of the world and can be found for purchase on Amazon. Check out the right hand column for links to that. It's called Utopia. It's book one in a series I'm working on. I'm very nearly finished with book two, and it will be coming soon. But in the meantime, check out book one! It isn't that expensive and it makes me feel warm and gooey inside when I see that people have bought it.

If you want to spend time reading stuff of mine that doesn't cost anything, then by all means scroll through the endless amount of posts I have available on this thing. Seriously, there's loads to choose from... I'm not kidding, I really don't know when to shut up.

Other than that... not much else to say, except that since the background to this blog was created, I'm now a red head and have gotten just that little bit fatter. Just in case you needed something to picture when reading about my stuff... You know what? I'll just stick a photo down here for you to peruse. You're welcome/I apologise. Delete where applicable.

Peace out my lovelies.