Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Careful, my crazy appears to be contagious

(Work-Buddy-James shortened to WBJ)


WBJ: I worry about you Lisa
Me: Why?
WBJ: You're so strange
Me: I'm quirky I guess
WBJ: No, I mean you are really strange. Like I'm not too sure if your mind is completely there.


Me: (Picks up phone) Hello
WBJ: Lisa?
Me: Hey James.
WBJ: Did you get the agenda for today's meeting?
Me: What meeting?
WBJ: The meeting you agreed to last week.
Me: (Checks diary) What time?
WBJ: 12pm
Me: I don't have anything in for that time, are you sure you sent an invite?
WBJ: (Getting agitated) You said you'd come to this ages ago.
Me: Well I'm free, what's it about?
WBJ: (Tuts) I'll send you the agenda and invite again.
Me: What's it to do with?
WBJ: I have to go, I'll email it to you now. (Hangs up)

20 seconds later, the following agenda is sent to me. (You may need to click on it to read it)

I laughed so hard, I wet myself.

When we did meet for this 'Meeting,' we deviated from the plan a little as we have to change venue from Sainsbury's to KFC. Here, Work-Buddy-James insisted we order this for the two of us.

Yes, that is 4 portions of chips.

It also turned out that Work-Buddy-James is one of those people who insist you eat everything that is put in front of you. I have never felt so sick in my life.

He made me eat all the chicken, although I did draw the line at the chips.

We also managed to cover in some detail both Action 3 and Action 8 on the Agenda.
Minutes to follow.

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