Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The mysterious case of the 9 year old Blazer.

Today I have adopted the role of Inspector Harries as a mystery has fallen into my lap that has stumped me completely and I must share with you.

For the past two days I have been at my parent's house, rooting through their loft and saving all my childhood memories as they are moving up to Scotland in a couple of months and can't take it all with them.

New and exciting thing to know about me? I am a hoarder. I cannot for the life of me throw anything away. If it holds any type of memory for me then it is precious and must be kept for all eternity even if it has no use ever again.

This has made the past two days incredibly interesting as I have been reminiscing over all of the random stuff I have kept over the years. Some of them were notes that me and my friends passed each other in class proclaiming our undying love to the boy we were certain was going to be our soulmate (none of which I think any of us have seen in at least five years). Some of them were left over ticket stumps and programmes for the various school muscials and concerts I was in during my school life (I was a bit of a theatrical person back then...and now).

Two of the most amazing things I found though, that made me almost cry with the memories attached to them, were my oldest stuffed toys. Ladies and gents, I introduce to you Ellie the Elephant and Spot the Dog.

Ellie in particular is very old and has been sewed back together too many times to count. Man, I LOVE that elephant.

The big mystery that I faced however was in one of the boxes that I didn't get a chance to look in until I got home.

In it was a bunch of old clothes including my signed shirt from my last day at school. This did look a lot more impressive until my 'clean crazy' mother took one look at it a couple of years later and thought "That could do with a wash."


I know.

Unfortunately now all I can make out are a couple of messages that seem to say 'goob Lsa' and 'iss yo Hrris' scattered around the back. Not nearly as sentimental as it was intended to be.

Another item of clothing that I found however was my old school blazer. Remembering how much it swamped me while I was at school as I'm pretty sure it was a large boy's size, I put it on to see if the weight gain really was that remarkable (the answer was yes by the way, very depressingly yes).

Whilst wearing it I thought I might check out what was in the pockets. You know, see what Lisa was carrying on her last day of school 9 years ago. The first thing I pulled out (amongst a receipt for chocolate and a lolly pop wrapper) was an official school photo of a girl in my year... a girl I think I had said a total of three things to in the whole 6 years I had attended... that left me just a little bit puzzled I can tell you that. I wracked my brain but I couldn't think for the life of me why on earth I would be carrying her picture.

Intrigued I searched my other pockets and it was as I was checking my inside breast pocket that the one little photo I had found turned into a full blown mystery.

The first things I found made me laugh because it wasn't so much a mystery but rather just an amazing insight into me on two small pieces of paper. (Thank you mum for encouraging my laziness)

But the rest of what I found threw me into confusion.

I found these

followed by this

Guys, I have no memory of how on earth any of these things got into my pocket. And as for the key? Well I have no clue what it is for. It wasn't for a locker as I didn't have one in year 11. It's too small to be a door key and at the age of 16 there really isn't anything else I would have needed a key for!

The only conclusion that I could possibly have come to is that there was something massive that happened on the last day of school that involved a girl I barely knew from school, a woman getting married, a man gardening, a young boy, a sultry woman and a happier one and the key opens something that will unlock the whole mystery. Someone wanted me to find out and solve this case but in my hastiness of not ever having to wear that uniform again, I took the blazer off without ever checking the pockets.

My only worry now is maybe I have discovered the clues too late? What was in that locked container? Oh my days... I sincerely hope it wasn't perishable...

Excuse me while I go and check to see if the girl in the photo is still around today... if only I could remember her name!

Any insight into what these clues could mean I would be majorly grateful. I fear what my lack of awareness may have done...

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