Sunday, 24 April 2011

It's fun to frolic in the sun and experience multiple personalities all in one day.

I wanted to start this blog with the idea that British Stereo-types were actually quite accurate if my actions last Friday were anything to go by. However when I went to google images to look for a picture on the stereo-typical British person I realised that what I thought was still the stereo type for us had moved on to something drastically different.

You see, I was under the impression our Stereo-Type was something like this.

Turns out, however, that as the times have changed, our Stereo-Type is actually more like this.


As a result, I have chosen to ignore the introduction and go straight into my day on Friday.

On this day, my friends and I took advantage of the sun and went out for a picnic at this really nice estate grounds near where we live.

As we arrived we settled down on the blankets and one of my friends Smithy brought out his guitar and the beautiful Anna brought out a small little drum.

Dude, I loved that we were those kind of people that bring guitars. Add the daisy chains that me and Anna made to the equation and we were verifiable hippies.

I have been called a lot of things in my life, but a hippie was definitely not one of them, so I very much enjoyed soaking in the new situation I found myself in.

As the day progressed we became a lot less hippie like and a lot more Stereo-Typical. It started with Anna's contribution to keeping me and her protected from the sun. She brought with her Parasols.

I stole the prettiest one of the two and automatically my whole character was drastically transformed into a lady who does lunch with her companions and laughs over tea and scones. Yes, this one piece of accessory was suddenly the thing that defined me as a person. I would never again be common. I would never again burp in public. I would never again cackle my witches cackle because a friend of mine had fallen over and actually really badly hurt themselves. All of those things belonged to common, rough Lisa. I was posh, sophisticated and refined Lisa.

What really tipped us over the edge however was when Karl brought out the authentic cricket ball for 'a quick game with the lads.' They played, Anna and I took pictures and laughed daintily whilst giving small courteous waves to the passer-bys who had come out for a stroll with their loved ones.

This was what I was seeing in my head. In reality it was more me screaming any time the 'death ball' (as I like to call it) came anywhere near my face. Parents shouting at their kids to stop climbing trees as it would result in falling to their death, and a man snoring loudly as he slowly cooked himself in the sun.

But I barely noticed this, I was far too busy living in the alternate reality in my head. It was nicer there, there was even a soundtrack of classical music playing in that reality.

We went for a walk and Dave climbed a whole tree all by himself, we almost got eaten by a swamp monster and I revealed a deep and dark secret about myself.

Yes people, it was an intense secret apparently. So intense I didn't even realise it classified as news at all.

I don't know what it says about the interestingness of the day when the most amazing and unbelievable fact that came out of the whole day was that I had in fact never played a game called Boggle.

Apparently, if I had played Boggle then I would have had my world open to the spin off game noggle. Which (in case you haven't already figured it out) is in fact the Naked version of Boggle. Apparently it doesn't add anything onto the overall rules of the game, it's just played naked instead of with clothes. Anna then went on to talk about the spin off game of Risk called Nisk... apparently there were more, but I think you get the idea.

Overall it was an awesome day, ending us in Hertfordshire where I ate in one of the poshest pubs I've ever been to and watched them serve people who looked like this.

I guess it's possible for both Stereo-Types to co-exist in the same world... doesn't stop me from being highly bummed out about it though.


  1. My god but I'm confused. In my lifetime, I've managed to travel to England two times. And on both of those trips I've seen:

    - penguins dressed as Pearlies doing the luverliest song-and-dance near Speaker's Corner

    - Poor-but-proud elderly ladies singing 'Feed the Birds' from the steps of St. Paul's

    Was this all a sham? Am I nothing but a colonial tourist to be lied to?

  2. Fear not, I have just cleaned myself off from dancing to stepping time on the chimney tops of my house.

    The whole street joined in and it was a wonderful time... we like to do it at least twice a month. Next week however it's my turn to float to the roof of my house and sing about how much I love to laugh.