Friday, 1 April 2011


Since I have moved into the awesome place that is my own house, I have thrice now discovered caterpillars roaming around.

I have found this bizarre. Why are there caterpillars in my house? What is their purpose for being there? I was not aware that finding caterpillars in one's abode was the norm in England. Is it?

I disposed of the caterpillar I found this morning out of my window but now I fear that I've separated it from it's family. What if I've just upset mummy and daddy caterpillar? Or what if that was the mummy or daddy caterpillar and now there are baby caterpillars somewhere in my house who are now without parents?

All this made me sad so I stopped thinking about it.

Then I had a better thought. Maybe it's the same caterpillar which keeps on finding it's way into my house each time I throw it out. Like some kind of awesome 'will-not-be-defeated' caterpillar.

If that's the case then game on Caterpillar, I'll see you in a month's time when you find your way back...


  1. I like the idea of a kickass will-not-be-defeated caterpillar. One with whom you will lock horns in battle, only to someday find mutual respect and - dare I say it - lifelong friendship. Well, at least until that day when Caterpillar meets New Stiletto Heels in a senseless accident.

    Yes, it's quite late in the evening here in Canada.

  2. Aaah, poor Caterpillar... alas this was how I discovered it yesterday. My bare foot inches away from crushing it's life forever. But it narrowly escaped... this makes him seem like the Indiana Jones of the caterpillar world.

    I shall call him Indiana from now on.