Monday, 11 April 2011

Dreaming of Joe Walker makes England rain and (fingers crossed) my kitchen sink unclog.

Sometimes writing a post is really easy, sometimes it's not. Today is a 'not' day.

I guess that doesn't help sell the post to you or make you want to continue reading but truth is I can't tell you what to do with this one because I have no clue whether it'll be interesting, at this point I have no clue what's going to be written!

I guess in a way it's sort of fun, like we're both going on an adventure into the unknown together. Who knows what kind of treasure we'll uncover...


I could tell you about the dream I had last night! I dreamt I was dating Joe Walker from Starkid, which was nice because, as anyone who just clicked on that link will see, he is not too bad on the eye. In the dream I was in a production Starkid was doing which was how the whole 'dating him' thing happened... I don't remember much else other than that. Apart from of course waking up and thinking "hmmm that was nice, at least my dream self isn't too neurotic to date" (sometimes she is, but every so often she catches a break).

The rest of the day has been spent working hard to keep Ufahriseal at bay. I succeeded and was rewarded by England doing what England does best... right now as I write, lovely and familiar dark clouds are taking over the sky with four days worth of rain ready to offload. Hello bad weather, I knew you'd be back.

I've also discovered a completely irrational thing I do on my way home from work (shocker I know).

In order to utilise my time as effectively as possible (because I'm a stupid over achiever at times) I tend to hand write these posts during my hour and a half train journey home. (SIDE NOTE: Ha ha, someone just got on the tube, sat down, realised it was the wrong train and almost tripped over himself to try and get off the train again before the doors shut (he made it, but the panic amused me)).

Anywho, as I was saying, my first draft of this (which inevitably ends up being the actual draft as I'm really not that fussy) is done during my journey. But what I get really antsy over is if anyone is looking over my shoulder and reading it whilst I'm writing.

This is UTTERLY ridiculous, given that it will only be uploaded onto this website before the day's out for the whole world to see (Not that I delude myself into thinking that whole world does read it (unless there really are only 86 people in the world as that's what my stats tell me is the amount of readers that randomthoughts gets a day (yes that may have been a little brag, I'm quite proud (even if the majority of the viewings are down to people google imaging 'Geese in a V formation' (my, my, these are a lot of open brackets, I wonder how many closing brackets I would need to end this (the answer is six)))))).

I actually had to re-read that last bit because I completely forgot what I was talking about. I'm back on track now.

I'm going to end this post with an appeal. For those who have read my last two posts, you'd know I'm having a little trouble with my kitchen sink. It's blocked and even Mr Muscle won't solve the issue. I am dangerously close to taking 'Crazylegs' advice and just moving house but I thought I might try fixing it by unclogging the U bend bit myself first... this is the bit where I need help.

I cannot stress how much I am a complete noob with this 'keeping a house' milarkey. If someone can explain how I do this in the SIMPLEST of terms (I'm not kidding, treat me like a five year old) I would be most grateful!

Also for those of you who actually continued reading this far - WELL DONE! I really didn't sell this well enough to warrant that kind of dedication. To reward you I may even give you a prize. Feel free to tell me what that should be below.

Peace out my lovelies.


  1. you get 86 readers a day?! Man, i need to start posting pictures of geese!

  2. LOL!! I actually laughed out loud for like three hours or something ridiculous like that.

  3. Before you start filling boxes with your worldly possessions, here's an example of an 'air blaster' that might help.

    There are other styles and brands - some even use pressurized canisters of air rather than an unseemingly plunger device. But the idea is the same.

    The only alternative beyond professional help (insert joke here) is to manually open that nasty ol' U-Trap/P-Trap piece of pipe under the sink. If you feel so inclined to post a picture of your plumbing (insert another joke here), I might be able to give you some long-distance advice on what you can do there.

    As for all this tangental discussion about Misfits and Mr. Sheehan:

    - I have seen Series 2 and LOVED ITS BRILLIANCE

    - Mr. Sheehan will be missed by many Canadian fans of the show

    That is all.

  4. Can I just say, both jokes that I inserted were unbelievably funny...

    I may have to take the picture... if I can figure out how to take the pipe off... I'm not kidding COMPLETE noob!