Sunday, 7 August 2011

Drama, drama, drama in Enfield Town tonight.

So there have been riots around my area over this past weekend. Yesterday it was in Tottenham, London. Today it's in Enfield, London. Which (for those of you who don't know) is where I live.

The riots in Tottenham were pretty big, buses were set on fire and people were shot and then our little area was declared tonight as the next place they will hit. I live just close enough to where they are where I can hear the police sirens and the helicopters flying overhead but just far enough that nothing else seems to be hitting my radar.

I don't know what the riots are about because I have spent the entire day today in bed, but I have had texts and phone calls telling me to stay put in case it gets messy. I really wasn't planning on going anywhere due to the fact that I made a decision to not leave my house at all today because I don't like outdoors and I like sleeping. Still, people seem to be slightly concerned.

They've shut off the whole town and boarded up all the shop windows. There are a multitude of police around determined to prevent the same incidents from happening that happened yesterday. I'm pretty sure the law enforcement have it covered, so I'm just going to watch Grey's Anatomy some more and then fall asleep with a nice bottle of wine (whether I drink it is another decision I've yet to make, but being the huge commitment phobe that I am, it's nice to have something to cuddle as I sleep).

Younger-Brother-Daniel rang me earlier to ensure I wasn't dead or anything. I assured him this wasn't the case. His response was, "You should definitely go check it out and see what happens, record it and then you'll have loads of people checking out your blog." I was a little concerned over his lack of safety for my health but he responded with "well I'm going to go now, ring me if you start to die." That reassured me as I figured if he cared enough to want me to ring him should I be in mortal danger then he still loved me etc.

I know I live so close but due to my inclination to stay away from anything that might not be roses and bunny rabbits I haven't really looked into the whole situation and I'm choosing to ignore it until it goes away. I guess any option for me being an investigative journalist is out of the window. But if you want to know anything that happens in Grey's Anatomy up to Season 6 episode 12 then I am your girl.

Rachael-The-Bully decided to ring me in one of those unexpected 'caring' moments and asked me to ensure that I stayed indoors. It felt weird to hear that from her but then I reminded myself that even though I have named her a bully she's actually one of my closest friends... I must keep on reminding myself of that.

I did hear shouts and whoops and crashes earlier but then I realised that they were only the 12 year old boys from yesterday so I figured things were okay where I was (unless that whole murder thing actually happened, in that case... yeah I can't be bothered to look into that).

So in short, Younger-Brother-Daniel won't be impressed with my lack of investigative journalism but as an upshot I'm pretty sure I'll live for tomorrow so there's a plus side if I ever heard one.

After saying all that, I really hope the riots don't get out of hand, and I believe it's okay because the police are all over our town and I have full faith they won't allow a repeat of yesterday occur today.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be a little more clued on what happened and what they were actually rioting about, but until then...

Peace out my lovelies.

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  1. i'm not that far either, I believe it was about a drug dealer who got shot and this is a protest in response to the police telling the press before they told the guys family.