Sunday, 7 August 2011

Woah, I guess it's pretty serious in Enfield.

Okay, in relation to my last post, I guess people are in pretty dire need to know what's going on. I can hear a lot of helicopters and I'm getting reports that shops have been raded and all sorts. As my duty as a blogger who's living here I will try to fill you in.

Our HMV has been looted and there are a lot of hooded teenagers going nuts. There are a lot of police who have been readying themselves for this since about three this afternoon so I'm sure we have the whole thing covered as best we can.

All that being said, there is a lot of activity happening. Unfortunately I'm a little too far from the action to know anymore but I will keep you posted if I hear anything. Sorry if my last post seemed a little flippant, I had no idea things had got so out of hand.

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  1. i have just come to realise that of all the places not to have been attacked by the rioters is the schools, you'd think a bunch of asbo teenagers would of done something like that, destroy the schools but no they attack places they enjoying going like game shops and fast-food restaurants, i think i know the next title being set for the guinness world record, Biggest bunch of idiots known to man. xD

    (oh and Listar if you want to know whats going on this seems to be updating about every 5 mins: