Monday, 22 August 2011

My One-And-Only baby sister from another mister.

I introduced a whole series of Doctor Who to One-And-Only-Daniela yesterday. I started her off with the first Matt Smith series as it doesn't really require that much knowledge of the previous series and it kind of stands on it's own. I just had to give one little explanation of the first time the Doctor met River Song and we were good to go. 

I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it given that she sat there for a good 8 hours watching them all. She also really wants to know everything that I know (which of course I declined to tell her given that I am an awesome believer of letting the joy of watching it on TV being the only way of discovering a storyline).

One-And-Only-Daniela does take a fairly five-year-old-esque stance when it comes to watching anything on TV. 

You know that stage kids get to when they all of a sudden become the most inquisitive person you know and want to know the answer to everything in the world?

It's at this time they'll ask a question such as 

"What makes the water wet?"

And you answer with 

"Because if it wasn't, we wouldn't have anything to pour over unsuspecting people in the street."

They never stop there though, no. They will then follow up with the most stomach dropping word any child could ask a grown up... 


And no matter how many times you answer this question with perfectly legitimate answers like 

"Because how else is aunty Lisa meant to have fun in the house when she has no money?"

They will always want to know more. 

"Why don't you have any money?"

"Because some bankers thought it might be a good idea to spend it and then reward themselves with Christmas bonuses."


"Because they think for some reason they're better than us."


"Because they're arseholes."


"Oh who knows, sometimes life just sucks."

Before you ask, yes my general tactic in this situation is just to say something so depressing that they start to cry. 

And before you ask the next question, yes I am planning on having kids at some point... They're going to be awesome...

Wait - I'm pretty sure I majorly digressed... Where was I? Ah yes One-And-Only-Daniela. 

One-And-Only-Daniela hit this inquisitive stage at her young age just as everyone else, only One-And-Only-Daniela never really grew out of it. 

She doesn't so much as keep asking why, more she'll follow one 'impossible to answer unless you are God or Stephen Hawkins' question after another. 

"Why is there graffiti on that wall?"

"Do miracles exist?"

"What's the theory behind time and space?"

And more bafflingly when we are both watching V for Vendetta for the first time on Saturday. 

"Why did he do that?"

"What's he going to do next?"

"Who is the man in the mask?"

"Why is Natalie Portman so skinny?"

"Why is Stephen Fry doing that?"

"Who are her parents?"

All of these questions were met with the same answer, "I'm watching it at the same time as you Daniela, I cannot read into the future and tell you how it will end."

With Doctor Who however I just merely responded to all her questions with "watch it and see."

All in all though, this is just another reason why I love her and think she's simply one of a kind because in her brain she really expects me to know all the answers to every question she throws at me. I must be like a genius to her, and that's a nice change of pace to the weird looks and rolls of eyes I usually get from a lot of other people. 

Peace out my lovelies. 

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