Monday, 8 August 2011

My poor little Enfield Town.

Apologies for no update yesterday, I well and truly suck but I fell asleep pretty sharpish after my last post. Yes I am definitely not one to take up journalism. 

The overall gist of what happened last night however was some teenage hooded idiots decided it was an absolutely fabulous idea to raid my town centre and wreck it because... Well, they had a reason but I don't believe it. To be honest I think they just wanted to fight, smash, steal and set fire to things and this was their reason for it. 

Okay, so as far as I understand it last Thursday the police shot dead a 29 year old man. Then there was some more stuff to do with how long the police took to unveil all the information to family and friends etc. There were some peaceful protests planned and carried out but then after this happened on Saturday night, some kids decided to take matters into their own hands in Tottenham, where the man was killed. 

They burnt down this massive building and put a bunch of shops out of business as well as destroying homes of the people living above these shops. They also set fire to double decker bus (as you do) this thing was pretty much unrecognisable once the fire was put out. They did a bunch of other things like setting fire to cars and smashing in windows etc. They're reason for targeting these areas? Well, because everyone knows that when a policeman shoots a man then it's the buses, shops and parked cars who were secretly behind it... No? Does that not make sense to anyone else either? Well you come up with a more logical reason than that. 

Anywho, apparently all the amazing fun they had on Saturday night simply wasn't enough for them so on Sunday they thought to themselves... "hey, you know how last night was the best idea we've ever had and totally put our point across in a way that was not confusing at all? Let's do the same thing again tonight, only let's do it in Enfield because they have better shops!"

So off they trotted to my neck of the woods and decided that they were going to go even more nuts. Luckily I was just far enough from the town that all I really heard were the helicopters overhead and sirens going off all night. 

The-Bullies-Lair was a little closer to the action, the helicopters were literally shaking their house. Actually I haven't checked on them today... I should really do that. 

As far as the damage they did to our home? Well they completely looted HMV and stole everything inside... Completely for the sole purpose of their beliefs of course... Because if they then own all the DVDs in the world then there'll be no way for anyone to watch fiction and so will have to face the facts of the world...  Again, if you have a better explanation...

Apparently they also set fire to a Nando's. The only reason I could think for this one was so that the world would see they weren't chicken possibly? Although I'm a little dubious of this reason given that I'm sure the fact that they're ruining property and setting fire to anything that will go up in flames kinda already shows that. Perhaps they thought that up to that moment their actions had been too subtle...

They did a bunch of other things involving innocent people's property and businesses. People who had absolutely nothing to do with what they claimed to be fighting for. 

All of this meant police were scouring and patrolling the train into Enfield town on the way home from work. Also it  led to my poor little town looking like this today. 

As a side note, is it racist if as I went to work today I became suspicious of every teenager wearing a hood in Enfield? Perhaps not racist but clothesist? Hoodist?

It wasn't until I was on the train that I realised my face often gets mistaken for a teenagers  and I was in fact wearing this today. 

Wow, that was a deep set of soul searching I did on my own perceptions of people. Either that or I've now secretly enrolled for the next set of riots... I hope not, they're methods seem far too complex for me to understand. 

Peace out my lovelies. 


  1. Holy crap! Your poor little town indeed! I'm glad you had to pictures to go with the post though. I was reading and, not that I didn't believe you, but I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around such aggressive, destructive behaviour!
    Yeah, you do look like a teenager. Maybe you should sport a feather boa instead of a hoodie for the time being, until things settle :)

  2. Wow, I'm so glad you're ok!
    I never really understand riots, but setting fire to things might be kind of fun? hmm...

  3. Be safe, Plum. And many thanks for the personal glimpses into this odd story that we are watching from afar here in the Colonies. The world has truly gone mad, I think.

  4. Sandra - Surprisingly enough I do have a feather boa that I could wear... probably not best to take into work with me though. But wearing it on the train to work could be fun!

    Mads - I don't understand riots at the best of times either. You know when there's an actual cause, like a political unfairness. This I understand even less, it's like every teenager in our country has woken up and thought 'let's trash some stuff today.' Absolutely bizarre.

    Crazylegs - I'm very close to jumping on a plane and watching the whole thing from afar as well. The whole thing just doesn't seem to want to stop!

    Will keep you posted as and when anything new arrives on my horizon.