Tuesday, 30 August 2011

10 actual random thoughts of a plum.

I have two more days of work and finally my holidays will start. I have two weeks of chilling out and doing sod all. I cannot wait. 

This does mean that for the period of next week I shall not be able to blog at all as I will be in Ireland without the joy of Internet. I shall try to be more active on the tweet side of things so you can by all means check me out there (link in the right hand side).

The week after I'm in Scotland to see the new house my parents are now in so I should be back to business for then. 

Normally when I enter the week before my holiday I tend to start winding down and switching to holiday mode in my brain in preparation. This I find is integral to ensuring you are fully relaxed from point of holiday onwards. 

Unfortunately this has not been the case this week. No, instead I find I'm running around trying to convince myself that the hospital won't fall apart in my absence. My thoughts today have consisted of:

1. If this particular task is not completed by today then I will be personally responsible for the end of the world. 

2. I wonder if they'll make "staff drinking in the afternoons" a thing. 

3. They better not trial that whilst I'm on annual leave because I'm pretty sure I would not be okay with that. I bet they will and I bet they stop the trial just as I come back. Damn it I miss out on everything. 

4. So five cups of coffee and no food is my limit before I start muscle spasming. 

5. Muscle spasming causes me to type the same letters twice sseeee?

6. I'm tired. 

7. I miss food. 

8. I wonder what Andrew Garfield is doing right now? Probably jumping from a building or something. Lucky. 

9. If I were to fall asleep right now, would the other two people in the room talking to me even notice?

10. "He ahs aksed for this today nad nit to wait." That is not what I wanted to write... Stupid fingers, WHY MUST YOU DISOBEY ME?

Sometimes it's good to be really literal about my blog title. 

Peace out my lovelies. 

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