Tuesday, 2 August 2011

An unbelievably poor job of rumligion development. Pretty sure they made a lot more effort with the bible.

One-And-Only-Daniela is shortened to OAOD. 

Lying in bed at 12:15am. 
Me: Ah crap! Pssst Daniela. 
OAOD: Hmmmm?
Me: Are you awake?
OAOD: No. 
Me: Oh, okay. 


Me: It will only take a second and it's really important. 
OAOD: I've got to get up for work in the morning Lisa!
Me: So have I but it's really important. 
OAOD: (Groans) What is it?
Me: I promised the people reading my blog that you'd develop on rumligion more this weekend. I can't let them down. 
OAOD: How is that really important?
Me: I may be a lot of things Daniela but I am not a tease. 
OAOD: Can't we do it on the way to work tomorrow?
Me: What? And risk someone hearing our awesome idea and stealing it? I don't think so. 
OAOD: My awesome idea and that didn't stop you putting up on the Internet for all to see. 
Me: That's different. 
OAOD: How?
Me: (Pauses) Please Daniela? Just a little bit of development?
OAOD: Fine!
Me: We need to find a way of incorporating other forms of alcohol into the mix. Lgalaviz wondered if we could add vodka drinking into the principles perhaps? Like vodrumligion? Then Fragments was all like "you could call it alcoligion, then rumligion could be a denomination of that as well as vodligion." I'd listen to her as well she's doing a Theology masters. 
OAOD: I like it. You could have Brandligion. 
Me:  Wineligion for the ladies and beerligion for the fellas. 
OAOD: JackDligion
Me: Burboligion
OAOD: Baileygion
Me: Taqiligion... Actually from the way that sounds people might be a little confused on what we're following. 
OAOD: Wow, this could actually go on forever. We need a slogan. 
Me: Like what?
OAOD: "I'm not drunk."
Me: Awesome. And also... Really easy to remember. 
OAOD: Ooh! I'm going to make up a hymn! 
Me: I would pay you money to hear that. 

Stay tuned maybe one day she'll come up with it. 

Let me know if there are any other denominations you can think of to add to our new following. You automatically promote yourself to role of priest of that particular following if you come up with a unique one. Congratulations and you're welcome. 

Peace out my lovelies. 

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  1. I'm not sure but i found a food religion called FSM (Flying Spaghetti Monster) you could just rip them off for your alcohol religion xD