Thursday, 18 August 2011

My subconscious cannot be trusted.

People might not qualify this as another nightmare, but I certainly do... Justin Bieber was in my dreams last night!! How dare he! Also he was really arrogant which has made me want to hit him even more... 

Eeeshk actually if anyone of a teen age likes to read my blog, I do apologise if I offended. Just think about it this way, I'm 25, if I was a fan I would be put in jail. For society's sake and for his safety I choose to allow my skin to crawl when I see him and you can't argue with that. 

Anyway, in the dream I had to go to his house to give him a DVD and he was completely ungrateful. That boy should learn to respect his elders. 

There was more to the whole thing but I feel I've exposed you enough to my subconscious for one week. 

I will say this, I have a really sucky habit that I've had since I was about 16. This habit is I tend to have a stupid amount of nightmares (usually about people dying as you have seen). My longest stretch of non stop nightmares was three years. Yup, that was not fun. They made me see psychologists and gave me drugs to help me sleep and all sorts. 

These stopped about three years ago. Alas over the past month they have come back about three times a week which sucks. However I have discovered that if I put them on here and make a joke about them I feel loads better. So you may find some rather bizarre dreams beginning to fill these pages. 

I will only put them up if they have a quirky factor like Simon Pegg being the murderer I promise. No point dragging you all down with a depressing post when you've come along for a nice light read!

Oh and for the record the Justin Bieber dream was not what I qualify as one of my nasty nightmares... That left me more bemused and nervous for my sanity. 

I'm also quite impressed with the A List celebrity line up I've had starring in my dreams. The dream versions of these people must really want to work with me. I feel like the dream version of Extras.

I do love the subconscious though and the whole randomness of it. A dream can make perfect sense when you're having it and it's only once you wake up you realise that it would be weird if you had hands made out of jelly and you could talk to dead people using the power of your nose. 

One of my favourite things is listening to people's weird dreams, if you have a good one then feel free to let me know in the comments below!

Peace out my lovelies. 

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