Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Eventless days can quite often amount to splitting my personality in half.

I'm afraid my life has been fairly boring today after all the excitement from the day before. Luckily none of my friends are dead... That I know of. A lot if them are insulted that my subconscious killed them but I think they're learning to deal.

Jo-Jo did text me this morning to just check that everyone survived the night last night. I reassured her that Simon Pegg stayed far away. Fingers crossed the same will be said about tonight!!

I've worked extra hard at work today so I think it qualifies me for an early night in bed! I like it when I can reward myself with nice treats every now and then, it's my way of keeping me feel appreciated and motivated to do better things. Mind you, if I mess up on something, I can be a right bitch...

So I'm going to write myself a good night message on my white board, brush and dry my hair, get into my pj's and sing myself a lullaby to fall asleep to. Whoever said I need other people to converse with in order to live a full life were obviously small minded. I just need to be able to embrace my insanity and I'm good to go!!

Peace out my lovelies.


  1. Really want to do a dance to 'I'm a survivor' right now. Your subconscious obviously likes me. Also - are you sure sleep is a nice option after the other night? Although, I admit, that voicemail will be saved on my phone for the next time I need a giggle to cheer me up!

  2. Lol. Thought you might either love that or be incredibly terrified!

    Last night no one died but a friend of mine asked me to drop a DVD around Justin Beiber's house as he lives near my house apparently. Justin and this friend used to date before he became famous (and was also like 10, which is a little illegal!) his family was too kind for her though and she felt she would just ruin him if she stayed with him so she broke it off. The DVD was of an amateur drama group acting out the relationship of Justin and Selina and apparently he would like it 'for a laugh.' He seemed a bit arrogant to me though when I dropped it off.