Sunday, 20 March 2011

Originally posted: 28/09/07 Text conversation that had me LAUGHING!!

So tomorrow I'm getting a tattoo, initially it was going to be on my wrist with a picture of a dove with an ace bible reference underneath (Isaiah 43:1-5, check it out) but having an interesting conversation with the guy I'm going with to get it done I'm torn.

I'm going with my friend Steve (the guy who got us pizza for free in Beware of Jemal the Pizza Hut man) who's getting a huge cross on his shoulder with another ace bible verse underneath (Joshua 1:6?? I think) and for weeks we have been chatting about it and waiting for it and today is the last day of waiting. This is a fragment of the conversation we had over text this morning that made me laugh on the discussion of alternative tattoos than the ones we're having.

STEVE: I think I may get my tattoo lower on my arm so it's not right at the top.
LISA : Coolio's! I'm still going for the wrist, ooh! You should get yours on the wrist!
STEVE: Ooo no! Why would I get it on the wrist? Mines a lot bigger than yours.
LISA : Lol, I know, it would be funny.
STEVE: For you maybe. You should get yours on your forehead.
LISA : I was thinking about that, though not the dove, I was thinking maybe 'I love Jesus' and then maybe a picture of a tomb with a stone rolled away next to it, what do you think?
STEVE: I think an undead zombie lying in a puddle of blood that drips down your nose onto your cheek might suit.

Lol, so who knows what I'm gonna do yet.... it's 50:50 either the dove on the wrist or the undead zombie on the face. I'll guess we'll know next time on 'Random thoughts of a plum.'

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