Sunday, 20 March 2011

Originally posted: 18/03/11 HAPPY RED NOSE DAY!! Lisa's search for a red nose.

Happy Red Nose Day to the whole world!! This is by far my favourite day of my whole 'fortyearly' life!! As a way of celebrating I shall be updating the blog as the day progresses. Awesomeness in a bag is this day!!

Just got into work and LOVED the amount of people I saw walking the streets in either their pyjamas or some form of red garment. I too have donned my red top and am revelling in the marvelousness of this day. When I just stop to think for even a tiny moment about how much money is going to be raised tonight... this day is awesome and people's lives are going to change!!

Oh and I have not been able to find me a red nose so far... I'm very aware that I am running out of time and can't see a way of getting one before tonight given that I'm working all day...

Mini challenge ACCEPTED!!
I shall find a red nose before the day is out, even if it kills me.

Until later, peace out.
I love you.

Challenge not going so well so far. I have discovered there is a Sainsburys near my work place, however it is a car journey away and I have no car... This is proving to be problematic.

I will not be disheartened though! I shall find me a fellow red nose day lover who does own a car and appeal to their charitable side, after all it should be in full flow on today, our most charitable of days!

Other than that, I am pouring comic relief love onto everyone around me. People are starting to get excited about this day as well. Hazaah!!!!

Speak soon

I love you.

What are the chances?? I have just spoken to three people in a row about how I am desperate for a red nose, each and every one of them have said to me 'Oh I wish you'd come to me sooner, I've just come back from a Sainsbury's.' WHAT THE HELL?? Has there been some kind of partay down at Sainsburys that I have not been aware of?

Only have 7 more hours to go until I have run out of time. My mind is starting to run through ideas of what I could do if I do not succeed. Must find some way of doing it however that still means raising money for Comic Relief... I'm thinking possibly using red lipstick on people and getting them to pay to kiss me on the nose until my nose is fully red... not too sure how appealing that may be to people.

I feel like I'm failing Comic Relief. Alas my day has become all busy and I have had no time to do anything worth blogging about. Not quite sure what I hope to achieve by adding this entry to my post.

Some might see it as a failure on my part but I do not! I see it as a chance. A chance to be inventive and exciting. I have admitted defeat in the buying of a red nose and have opted for making my own one.

It will be a thing of beauty. Just watch this space.

It's started!!!!

My food is ready.

My duvet is on my sofa.

And I'm ready to go.

I made my own nose!! Will have to donate via my red button instead...

Watching second part of Masterchef right now! Love Miranda and Claudia together!

Speak soon
I love you.

Take That have just performed. Sounded very Robbie Williams inspired.

I wonder if Davina will kiss Dermott as well...
(oh and FYI, Doctor Who was amazing. New series is so close I can almost taste it!!)

Holy crap. I've just watched a video on a hospital having to sacrifice one child out of four due to there being a lack of equipment to save them all. How does someone make that decision? How can you even imagine such a thing? And the illness that child will die of is a completely preventable disease!!

Donate now through the Red Nose Day Website.

Just watched the music video done by Peter Kay.

I am not a fan of Peter Kay at all but that video was HILARIOUS!! I feel like I now know him so well.

Choir of chefs singing out of tune... horrible. *Shudders uncontrollably.* That blonde one blatantly given the solo for the way she looked rather than her actually being able to sing!! ... Stating the obvious? Pretty much. HIDEOUS.

Today Smithy from Gavin and Stacey has come back and just did the mother of all sketches as he debated with famous people on who should go to Africa and do a video. There were so many famous people, HUGE people there. It was the most immense video clip I have ever seen. If you don't do anything else in this life, click on youtube and search for the Smithy sketch on Red Nose Day 2011. It will change your life.

I love you.

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