Sunday, 20 March 2011

Originally posted: 17/01/08 New text conversation worthy of a giggle

So I'm at work and I remember I had plans with a friend of mine called Graham tonight, I give him a quick text and see if he's up for it, he says he is ill due to severe amount of vomiting. I asked him if he was ok and the following conversation took place.

*Lisa Harries would like to state that she shares none of the opinions, suggestions or statements in the following conversation, all comments made were for comic reasons only. Thank you for reading.*

LISA: You ok? You got the lergy?
GRAHAM: Mayb. im stil alive. bt my stomach acid has dissolved my teeth lol
LISA: Lol, the image of you with jagged stumps for teeth is highly amusin to me.
GRAHAM: We wil see whos laughing when i bite ur hand off
LISA: The jokes on you, I find pain funny
GRAHAM: The jokes on you, I have hiv
LISA: The jokes on you, I have rabies
GRAHAM: The jokes on you, I have ur family held hostage
LISA: The jokes on you, I've killed yours
GRAHAM: The jokes on you, I have nothing left to lose
LISA: The jokes on you, I don't even like my family
GRAHAM: The jokes on me. I feel ill
LISA: And we're all laughing heartily
GRAHAM: Har har har
LISA: You throwing up again?
GRAHAM: Nt since bt 4am
LISA: Stick two fingers down your throat, you'll feel better
GRAHAM: Ok thanks. il try that
LISA: It never fails, I read it in kate moss's bulemic guide to a better life, it's either that or take crack but I think the first suggestion is more applicable to right now.
GRAHAM: Uh huh. ok thanks. im gona go have a lie down... and not take crack.
LISA: Good. don't do drugs.

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