Sunday, 20 March 2011

Originally posted: 03/08/07 A brief introduction I guess

I have been watching people write in these things for a long time now, each time becoming more and more intrigued with what would happen should I decide to start one.

First off, not too sure where to go with this blog other than the usual 'hey!! I've started a blog!!' blog which I guess has to happen before anything else right?? So here it is.... Hey I'm Lisa, the sister of the well known 'Glyn Harries' from this blogspot circle.
I'm 21, I live in enfield and I like to act, sing and dance on occasions, all of these hobbies I'm sure will become more detailed as/if the blogs go on. I have thoughts, some random some not so. I intend on writing them down, however, I am not too sure how long I will keep this up.... if I actually get past this one blog then I will see it as an achievement.
And conclusion to this rather short and uneventful blog I shall start what could end up being an obsession (as my brother has succumbed to) or a once a year 'oh yeah I have an account on this thing' blogarama with a challenge to myself....
My one chief reservation over creating this blogging place is that most of the social group that I associate with on a daily basis have no account or interest in this place. I have decided to rectify this. From this point on I will bring my friends to blogspot, I will show them the joys of writing thoughts down, I will give them the insentive to when they sit at their computer and wonder where they can go to procrastinate appaulingly they will not just fall for the wiley ways of myspace and facebook. No. They will come here, and they will like it.
Each time I successfully bring someone here I shall mention my progress in a blog. It is my promise to you fine people. Either that or this is the last thing I can be arsed to write.
Either way.
Hey, my name is Lisa and I'm blogging.

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