Friday, 25 March 2011

In a 'spot' of bother (puns are cool)

Yes, this is the post where I address the infestation on my face that you may have already noticed in previous photos.

Ladies and gents, of late my skin has taken on a life of it's own and for no apparent reason (as is usual with my body) it has decided to become best friends with acne.

Seriously guys, they're inseparable. I have tried everything to push them apart, but they simply refuse to leave each other.

I wasn't always this way, November 2010 backwards my skin was lovely! Don't believe me? Here's proof.

See, I told you. That's flawless skin right there. Anyone would be jealous of it, hell I'm jealous of it! (I think I may have identified a genuine way of being jealous of yourself... huh... never thought that was possible until this moment...)

I quite often stroke the above photo lovingly. It was only taken in September 2010 on my awesome holiday to Barbados! And now? Well...

Urgh, I know. Do you see why I'm a little perplexed?

Since November, when my face decided to rebel against me, I have tried EVERYTHING to get it back on track: Creams, scrubs, face masks, change in diet. (Okay so that last one didn't stick for long but in my defense I hardly doubt food had anything to do with it! (Translated as, I love food more than my face.))

If my face had just maintained the same level of acne throughout this whole experience then it could have been manageable. But no, you see, as I have previously stated, my body hates me and likes to screw with me.

So what my face has taken to do recently is let me put a face mask on and then the next day say "thank you Lisa, I'll get rid of some of your spots for you." And the following day it will continue to say "I know how much you are trying to make me clear so let me get rid of some more for you." When it does this, I thank my face for this by smiling lots at it in the mirror every time I catch it's reflection.

On the third day however, I always imagine the evil witch cackle it lets out as I go to the mirror and find in the space of the 4 spots it had cleared for me, 6 more had arrived! Stupid face.

Still my eternal hope in the good will of my face continued and I kept on saying to myself... next week my skin will clear, next week it will get better.


It hasn't.

So I lost patience a couple of weeks ago and went to see my GP. I explained to him all about my stubborn face and after he gave me a few options I went for the 4 month anti-biotic treatment.

The side effects of this choice were minimal. The only major one was that, should I get pregnant during this period and not stop taking the drugs, my baby will have screwed up teeth... There was a large part of me that thought that wasn't going to make a difference, the poor kid was probably doomed to have bad teeth thanks to my genes anyway. Unless mt mum was on those anti-biotics when she was pregnant with me... (mental note: ask mum about her experience with acne in her 20's).

The whole point was moot anywho as my commitment phobias would have me running in the opposite direction if a guy looked at me suggestively. So after I explained this all to my Doctor, he wrote the prescription and waved me goodbye.

Even though I've had this prescription for a couple of weeks, I only just traded it for drugs two days ago. My reasons being partly due to still wanting to think the best of my face but mainly due to having no money to speak of (I miss money).

However, Tuesday my face erupted into a breakout of 100 more spots so I glared at my reflection and hissed "Enough is enough."

I picked up my prescription from the Pharmacist on Wednesday after being treated like an alcoholic for asking if it was okay to drink alcohol whilst on this drug (His response was "In moderation" followed by a sceptic glare). I don't think it was too much to ask! I'm going to be on this drug for 4-8 months! Over the summer!! The opportunity for Pimms is going to be hitting me from all directions!

Anywho, I left feeling guilty about my non-existent drinking problem and promptly started taking them that day.

Three days in and my skin looks like this.

I'll post another picture in a couple of weeks and we can compare and contrast... fun!! It's like a mini science experiment!

I bet you're all as excited as I am.

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