Sunday, 20 March 2011

Originally posted: 14/03/11 Tis a grey area...

So yesterday I had plans to leave the house and see people but somehow they all seemed to fall apart. This was in part down to my body, when I wanted to make my body move and get out of my Pyjama's, it simply didn't want to comply. Instead it sat on my sofa stubbornly, insisting that it was tired, even though when I had tried to have a lie in earlier, it kept on reminding me that it wanted to be awake and sleep wasn't in it's plans.

Now if my brain had been more active it would have kicked my body into gear and told it that it was time to move. However my brain was being distracted by the world of the internet and the geek part of the brain kept on telling the reasonable 'we must see the sun at some point' part of the brain that we would get ready after one more video. However one video would always have links to another video which would then make reference to another video and you can see my dilemma.

It's my fault really. I had let the geek side out and take over in full force the day earlier during the Doctor Who Experience and so it was still clinging on to the dominant part of my brain and refusing to let go. This was proved even more as when I did finally run out of videos I wanted to see, I was suddenly completely overcome with the urge to watch Christopher Eccleston's series of Doctor Who. All in all, my chance of seeing the sunlight and actually talking to real life people seemed pretty dim as the day progressed.

When it got to about 4pm and I had just finished a whole family sized bag of Dorito's with Salad Cream (yum) and felt the familiar sensation in my legs that can only be associated with keeping them in one crawled up position for a large amount of time, I tried to reason with my brain and coax it into letting me leave the house. I must add that by this point, my body had changed it's mind about being tired and insisted that it would move around the flat aimlessly if I didn't let it out.

I told the geek side of my brain that I would feel completely wasted if I didn't at least have some small thing I had achieved on this day. My brain's answer to this was, 'Okay, put some clothes in the washing machine.' I was surprisingly satisfied with this task as it showed me being grown up and responsible on my lazy day. I did this with my head held high and a little smug smile on my face.

When I sat back down again after grabbing a Cornetto to award myself, (I snack a lot when I don't have anything else to do) I started back in on the Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/Blogspot saga that had become my reason for existing in that day.

However, at 6:45pm when I should have been dressed and leaving the house for the second time that day, I quickly realised that this wasn't going to happen either. I questioned the anti social behaviour I was displaying, forfeiting real life conversation for videos of guys called Charlie drinking a bottle of Ketchup. I wondered if this was a good road to be travelling down, especially as I lived in my house all alone, and whether this meant that I would soon be subject to a life of hermithood where I referred to my computer as my best friend and would shield my eyes from any natural light.

You'll be pleased to know that I justified my way out of this one as well through the powers of my geek brain. It reminded me that not only had I spent all day yesterday with at least four other different people (score, I'm cool), but that also I wasn't being anti-social at all, I was socialising with people, just on the internet instead of real life.

I had left some comments, I had watched my Doctor Who video climb from 8 views to 53 views in the space of one day (ten of those may just have been me watching it again). I had talked to people on Facebook, Twitter and I had text two whole people with my Mobile Phone device. I then concluded that if I had actually left the house I wouldn't have spoken to nearly as many people! Therefore I had chosen the more sociable option after all! Hazaah!

Doctor Who is talking about it? Lisa is.
The last thing that I decided on yesterday is simple. I'm a writer, it's what I do with every free time I have, (yesterday excluded) so naturally I steer towards writing my thoughts rather than speaking them out in Vlog form which is what so many other people have been doing. However I can't ignore the natural pull internet goers tend to have towards the visual rather than the reading. Due to this I have decided the following. All my blogs will stay in typed format with a photo or two to make it easier on the eye. However I will be starting a Doctor Who series via Vlog. This is predominantly designed for when the new series starts and I will then discuss it afterwards (I appreciate how geeky that sounds and I'm okay with it). This can be open for discussion afterwards through comments or videos of your own. Hopefully it will be entertaining but I'm not promising anything as me alone with a camera is not something that has worked too well in the past! If it sucks, let me know and we can revisit the idea.

Other than that... peace out.

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