Sunday, 20 March 2011

Originally posted: 08/03/11 I fell over today

It wasn't a graceful stumble or even an embarrassing unbalance. No. It was the kind of falling over that you did when you were five and you spotted the last free swing on the other side of the park so made a run for it with such momentum that your body seemed to end up going faster than your legs and before you knew it, you're face down in the wooden chipped floor with grazed knees, bark in your hair and an overflow of tears brimming to the surface of your eyes. That was the kind of fall I had.

I even grazed my knees like a proper five year old.

I wasn't even doing anything fun like a child does. There were no swings involved. no climbing frame to be seen. Not even a see saw! I wasn't running or skipping. I was just walking home.

I was walking down the hill from the train station after picking up my shopping of milk, soap and deodorant. I had my ipod on and I was listening to the Burlesque soundtrack, once again imagining a world where I had a voice like Christina's. I had also begun writing today's blog in my head and was going through the finer points of how I would put my ongoing musings into words. I was defenseless, innocent and being completely responsible and grown up.

Then out of nowhere this curb just appeared and attacked me! I didn't even trip on it. No. My foot just scuffed against it and the next thing I know I'm flying through the air, leaving one of my shoes behind me. During my flight, my carrier bag of shopping spun 360 degrees into the air before landing with an almighty crash onto the floor. Fearing for the safety of my face I had let go of my bag and threw both my hands in front of me so as to break my fall...

The moment it had happened, my British fear of making a spectacle of myself immediately kicked in and I shot back up into the standing position with the speed and agility of a meerkat whilst simultaneously looking around me to see if anyone had witnessed it. No one had. Relief rushed through my veins followed by a brief moment of feeling sorry for the rest of the world for not having caught what I was sure would have been a highly funny fall first hand. My personal bits and pieces (including shoe) had scattered themselves into a large circle around me and so I rushed to grab it all again and ensure that I did not lose anything aside from my dignity.

It wasn't until I got home that I inspected my shopping. The resilience of my soap and Deodorant impressed me as they emerged from my bag unharmed. My milk however was another story.

I tried to open the lid but it wouldn't move. However I am a lady on a budget so I refuse to buy a new milk just because I can't get to the perfectly good milk I've already bought. I will find a way, even if it means using my secret weapon.

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