Sunday, 20 March 2011

Originally posted: 01/12/07 Lisa and the City

I have just finished watching a birthday present I got, all six episodes of Sex and the City and have started to realise that I am incredibly influenced by the things around me. Now I know where you think this may be going but I can assure you it's not. What I am referring to is Carrie Bradshaws facial expressions.

For those of you who aren't that accustomed to Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw is the main woman who narrates each of the epsiodes under the pretext that she's writing it for her column which appears in some big shot newspaper in New York City. In every episode there consists one scene where she will sit at her computer writing random questions about what she's learnt about men in the episode, breaking down her typing with a reach for either a cigarette, a Manhattan or food of some kind. This was all broken up by these random facial expressions she'd pull while writing, like chewing on her lip or licking her top teeth (don't ask me why she did this but she did) anywho, due to spending three weeks cramming six series of this into my brain I have found myself picking up on these habits. When talking to people I am chewing in a stupidly over the top manner on my bottom lip and only just now when stopping to think how to write this next sentence I found myself doing the afore mentioned tooth thing.

So after some careful consideration instead of being ashamed of the utter tool I have become I will embrace it and work it into my writing with the Sex and the City 'roundup all your summarising in a bunch of questions' questions, 'Are our personalities purely summed up by what we watch and take in around us or do we actually come up with any of it ourselves??' 'Are we just empty vessels waiting for our next interesting quirk to show?' 'Does that mean we have to be extra careful what we watch and have around us?'

'How much of what we watch is affecting the way we live our lives??'

Now in true fashion I have leant back placed my hand to my mouth in a pondering expression to think over my last question and now as I am unable to cut to next scene to show me talk about this with my girlfriends I will have to pretend that already happened and go straight to the lap top last scene where I hastily reach back to my lap top to conclude my question.

I guess at the end of the day we'll never know how much we actually take in, all we can do is try to control the things we know we're taking in and make sure we only pick up the best of everything we watch. Surely if we do that we will become the uber coolest person the world has to offer.... that's worth thinking about.

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