Sunday, 20 March 2011

Originally posted: 05/09/07 bare nang stuff these past weeks blud

Yeah so sometimes I like to talk street....

Soooo Menorca in key points:-

Good things that happened

Meeting peeps like Rob and Matt (the boys from up north)
Rob (the blonde) will be the most amazing grandad talking about 'I were at coal mine t'other day' because he was the most pointless story teller we ever met and so of course this made him AMAZING!! Here are a few of the examples of his stories we have very cleverly called 'Robisms.'
'I went ta beach t'other day and there were this man who were speakin spanish to me and I understood what he said and then I didn't....'
'My grandma's got facebook, my uncles ex wife set it up for her.'
'I'm going ta bog for slash.'
Not so good things that happened.

The nose was exposed.

Stupid freakin dog like reactions. (Thanks for that rosie)

And thats it on the hol coz let's face it, you guys don't wanna hear a bunch of pointless stories about the amazing time I had abroad coz thats just not fun for you, so I shall be back with something more substantial.

Oh and check out my bro's vlog, did amuse the pants off of me.

Signing out. Bare love.

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