Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Well those are two of my least favourite personalities. Note to self: ignore them and focus on the others - they're nicer.

A series of events have occurred at work over the past couple of weeks. These events have (through no fault of my own... kind of) caused a few things to go wrong. 

As these little mistakes unfurled I have discovered two new things about my personality, neither of which I'm particularly proud of. 

1. It's funny how fast I can run when I have enough incentive. 

The moment that I have discovered that something has started to go wrong, each time, without fail, my first reaction has been "run, for the love of all that is precious, run."

In fact, so strong is my urge that it has taken me actually gripping hold of my chair to stop me from moving.

Guys, I had no idea I was such a wuss but there you have it. 

I have fought every impulse in my body during this time however and managed to stay put. Sometimes this has involved me staying in my chair instead of running around and fixing the issue but I have eventually kicked my butt into gear and moved... So far. 

2. I've created many a list in my life, but the ones that save my skin are written with extra gusto. 

When confronted with the issue and asked how it had happened, my default reaction, apparently, is justification. 

This includes giving a step by step account of exactly what had made me come to make the decisions I did. I have been known to quote full conversations I had had many days prior to the event that seemingly have no relevance but actually later unveils a series of events that led to this particular issue. 

I would like to point out that this amount of detail is not usually asked for and quite often results in people edging out of the room as I try to prevent my voice from hitting hysteria... Before you start diagnosing, yes I suffer from the occasional anxiety attack. 

I have been quite proud of how I have managed to thwart most of my chicken impulses over these past couple of weeks and actually (eventually) deal with the situations. Having said this, I do ask God one thing. If it is possible that I have made any other mistakes, is there any way you could just let them slide and amount to nothing for at least a couple of years until I get what's left of my nerves back? Thanks a bunch. 

To everyone else, yes you are allowed to call me Lisa-The-Coward for a while... Except you Claire-And-Rachael-The-Bullies, you've said enough. 

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