Sunday, 26 June 2011

Beware, I've discovered how this world will end... and it's not pretty.

There is a TV show that I try not to watch called the Cube.

The programme is completely excruciating to sit through, the tension that is built up in this show is immense. I'm not a fan of shows like that, I find myself completely knackered out by the end of watching them. However if I end up staying on the channel it's on for longer than a minute then I am suddenly drawn into it's little web.

This afternoon this happened. I have just finished watching an episode and I am ready for a nap. The whole premise (for those who don't know it) is that this big glass cube has a really tough challenge inside and if you complete it you win lots of money but if you lose any of the challenges, you go home with none of the money you had initially won.

Like I said... excruciating.

The thing is I can't just watch programmes like this, I have to get involved. I have to sit and watch and behave like somehow I am the one on the show and not sitting on my sofa at home. I go through all of the tension of being a contestant and some other guy walks away with the money! I mean why would I put myself through that? WHY????

It's things like this that make me wonder why these shows are so popular. It must mean there are a lot of people out there who are just dying to give themselves a heart attack or chronic anxiety issues.

If this continues we will be living in a world where everyone is afraid to leave their house for fear of any possible tension. No one will be able to eat because even the food delivery men will be too scared to work which will mean in ten years time we will all just be decaying skeletons shacked up in our beds like that creepy malnourished guy from the film 'Seven.'

There 'The Cube' I hope you're happy.


Either that or there's a possibility I'm the only one who gets like that when shows like 'The Cube' are on...

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