Friday, 3 June 2011

Hey, I can totally stop if I wanted to... I just don't want to.

I've developed a new obsession.

Like all of my obsessions I do not deal with it half heartedly. This obsession is a brief obsession. I don't expect it to last for longer than another week but while it's here, it will take over my life for the entire duration.

This obsession is a game on my iphone called Bookworm.

If you are aware of the classic online games then no doubt you have come across this game.

For all of my brief obsessions, especially with games, I have a very predictable 7 step process. This happens, guaranteed, every time. The steps are:

1. Discover the game and cautiously decide to play it, even though I'm sure I won't actually enjoy it.

2. Play it a few more times, although only for the reason that I have nothing better to play.

3. Get wrapped up in the game and realise I like it.

4. Think about the game every time my brain is idle and feel the urge to play it immediately.

5. Realise I can see the images of the game every time I close my eyes.

6. Convince myself I'm going to be the best person ever at this game.

7. Suddenly become bored to the point of repulsion and not play it again for another 4 months until I rediscover it and start the whole process all over again.

Perhaps you relate?

I'm currently on the cusp of steps 5 and 6, but I know step 7 is coming.

At the peak of the obsession (step 5/6) I tend to let other necessary things in my life slip. You know, little things like eating and sleeping.

Last night I was up until 2am going through the same process over and over: I'd lose a game and then decide it was best to start a new game so that when I continue it the next day on the train I can start it when it's challenging rather than spend ages on the lower levels.

After I find each bonus word, I start to stop playing but then spot three letters of the next bonus word and think.. 'just one more.'

Then a red danger letter tile gets away from me and blows up all the other tiles. I lose once more and go to stop playing but then think 'Well, I don't want to be stuck on easy levels on the train...'

I'm going to go and play me some Bookworm now...

... If I ever mention to you that I'm considering taking Crack 'just the once,' pin me down and drag me away.

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