Monday, 13 June 2011

I think my new camera maybe harbouring an evil spirit.

In my last post I mentioned that I had a new camera. It's really nice and looks highly professional and shizzle. 

For the first two days I was incredibly impressed with it and displayed it for all to see. 

Day 3 however, I began to worry. 

I went to an awesome and very funny barbeque of Friday night with some old friends. I took plenty a picture that night. 

Every time I'm photographing in a group like this one, myself and my friend Rich-Whom-I-Love have two poses we like to make people do and then watch the hilarity that inevitably follows. 

My one is the "What's that coming over the hill? Is it a monster?" pose. 

Rich-Whom-I-Love's one is the "I've just come on my period and I don't have a tampon" pose. 

On this night however, something seemed off with the pictures. 

Can you see it? The dark shadow creeping it's way into the bottom left hand corner?

Every picture I took this night carried the same shadow. 

Now I know what your thinking... "come on Lisa, that's obviously not so much an evil spirit but rather a really bad finger placement." And yes, I completely agreed initially. So I took another picture, being really careful of finger placement. 

I assure you, all fingers were tucked away in the making of that photo. FYI, trying to take a picture with hands only and no fingers is actually pretty tough... In case you ever wondered. There was a deep sense of accomplishment involved in succeeding however. 

So with the finger theory out, it leaves only one option. There is an evil spirit living in my camera who's soul purpose is to creep into the lives of those who's picture is being taken and suck all that is good and pure out of them... Gives a whole new meaning to cameras stealing a part of your soul. 

Oh and to those in the photos... Eeshk, what can I say? Totally didn't see this one coming. Trust me when I say that I feel just terrible for dooming your lives to evil possession. I shall endeavour to be a lot more careful in the future. 

To everyone else, if I suddenly disappear from the blogging world, or if my posts start to become inherently evil you'll know my theory was correct. 

It'll be too late for me but if you can make it your mission to destroy all Fuji cameras that look like this...

...then maybe we can stop this from becoming an epidemic. 

I'm off to research how to destroy me should I try to take over the world. Hopefully I'll discover it while I still want to tell you... wish me luck!!


  1. It's possible that this is just going to prove that cameras steal souls.

  2. I was thinking this. Before we have always seen it as an idea without any massive amounts of proof. Now though, we have physical evidence.