Monday, 6 June 2011

People who are mischievous at my expense should be ashamed of themselves.

Yesterday upset me. It rained all day. This wasn't what upset me, but it is related. 

I was on my way home around half ten last night however and the rain was coming down strong. I hadn't been able to find my umbrella but my hair was already wet from a recent shower anyway so, again, I was able to stay positive about it. 

I'm very much of the opinion that if you live in England, complaining about the rain is pointless. It's like living in the Antarctic and wishing it would stop snowing. 

However there is such a thing as common decency and general niceness. Both these qualities did not belong to the driver of the car that saw the puddle on the side of the road and thought it would be fine to drive through it as I walked past. 

The result of this action looked something like this. 

Bad driver. BAD BAD DRIVER! 

I didn't get a chance to see the person behind the wheel but I imagine there was chuckling involved... It did seem like the car had swerved into the puddle. 

People have a real mean streak sometimes... I'm not saying that if I drove I would necessarily resist the temptation, but as I don't drive and I was the victim in this scenario, I'm taking the moral high ground and tutting/shaking my head whenever I think of them. 

Bad driver! You should be punished and in a way that involves me watching with popcorn and laughing heartily. 


  1. Aww, that might have been me and not because I'm mean or mischievous but merely because I'm impulsive and oblivious, to my regret. You see, I aim for puddle on the side of the road because I love to see the water arcing up as I smash through the water. Sadly, I tend to make it to the middle of a puddle before I remember that I should have checked in advance for pedestrians. If your wet pant leg is my fault, please accept my sincere apologies.

  2. LOL. Well if that is the case, it maybe okay! I did assume the driver was doing it for the kicks of getting me wet. I'm almost certain I saw laughter from someone in the back seat...