Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sometimes I really love my brain

There's something very Theme Park-esque about the London Underground service.

This morning I was on the longest commute to work I've had so far. There were delays, diverted trains and bad weather added in for good measure.

But an hour and a half in, as I stood waiting for a tube I should have gotten on an hour earlier, I couldn't help but smile to myself.

As each tube came in, it would get announced through the overhead speaker in incoherent words that made you wonder the point of the announcement in the first place.

The only bit you can hear is the "stand clear of the doors please, stand clear of the doors." The doors then shut and the tube gives a wooshing sound as it prepares to take off.

It's at this point I like to imagine that the moment that tube hits the tunnel, it won't just be going to the next station. No, instead the tunnel will lead it through a series of dips and spins whilst all the business men and women inside whoop and cheer and throw up. Then when the tube reaches it's destination, everyone gets off with their hair our of place, shirts untucked, stiletto heels broken, and a smile on their faces because they knew it was totally worth it.

I've yet to be on one of these trains, but just the mere knowledge they exist is enough for me.

Speak soon my lovelies.

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