Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Phewee! Anyone else surprised we survived that one?

Dear Sun,

You caused some mayhem here yesterday, didn't you? I don't think I've ever seen the country in such a state of confusion as it was yesterday. 

I do find it rather amusing that after all the years this world has existed you haven't caught on yet. You see, England is a country that functions best on mediocre weather, this is how we thrive. 

Yes we like the occasional heat but only if it's not too hot. If you make the heat unbearable then this country simply shuts down. 

People will only be comfortable in the bare minimum clothes. The workplace suddenly becomes a danger to work in because of the severe lack of air conditioners. You know we don't own air conditioners, what would be the point?

Not to mention we are a fairly pessimistic country, and as such we like a good moan. Yesterday however you'd have thought we were on our deathbed with the way we carried on. 

And as for last night? Well that had to be the main topic of conversation today. All day people were discussing how uncomfortable, hot and sweaty they were...

Come to think of it, you did unite the country nicely with that one. Everyone was very keen to bond over the topic. 

That being said, at the next committee meeting you hold with the rest of the weather, can you just remind them of the 'mild weather only' rule we have please? Especially the snowcloud. His excessive downpour earlier in the year convinced half the country they'd never be able to leave the house again. 

Other than that, thanks for all the good stuff you've been doing in giving us light and growing plants and junk, it's been really useful. 

Yours lovingly

Lisa xx

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