Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A weekend of chilling with the future bosses, part deux.

Okay so the reality of this weekend's Writer's Conference wasn't quite like I had imagined it.

One assumption I had had was that being in a room full of aspiring writers, all with the same dream and in the same desperate boat, would mean that all of us would be glaring at each other and trying to secretly damage the other. 

This was not the case however... That I knew of anyway. Upon arriving, I met two fellow writers with completed books, Steph and Paddy. 

There wasn't really a point where conversation seemed awkward upon meeting these two, as was the case with everyone I met this day. In every person's eyes I saw that same desperation I saw every time I looked in the mirror. 

There was no doubt about it, every person at this conference held in their heads the next big book that, in their opinion, would be the best thing that happened to planet Earth. Every single person there looked as hopeful as I was that the agents and publishers in this room would unlock their dreams by the end of the day. 

All of this I recognised within 2 minutes of entering the room and my observations were confirmed when 10 minutes in I heard someone say:

"I'm meeting friends after... That is unless I haven't been whisked away on a helicopter by people wanting to publish my book."

It was then that I thought to myself, 'I'm home.'

The sessions in the conference were amazing and very useful. At the end of each session there was a chance to ask questions to the publishers, authors and agents speaking. 

All through the day I worked up a sweat trying to think of a question I could ask one of them because obviously the moment I was in their line if sight they were going to realise that I was the answer to all their dreams. 

However, when it came down to it, no questions would come to my head. It was as if I was suddenly a genius in the publishing world and had everything sussed out... If this was the case, I was doing a very good job at hiding the information. 

During an afternoon session however, I suddenly found myself with a question. So shocked was I on this that I had barely noticed my hand go up. 

When the speaker (who was an agent btw) pointed at me and said "Yes, you in the grey top," I froze. Did she mean me? Am I wearing a grey top? Pants, I can't remember. 

Somewhere I heard someone whisper "she means you," which shocked my brain into remembering I could look down to check if I was wearing the colour the woman had called out. I did and saw the grey material... Or was it grey? It seemed more brown to me... Realising this wasn't the time for this internal debate, I pushed the thought away and finally found my words. 

Needless to say, she didn't ask me for my book, but then she did say she didn't represent fantasy novels so I'm putting it down to that reason. 

I'm going to leave you with my favourite question asked of the whole day. It was in a session teaching us how to submit our manuscript with a cover letter and synopsis. I don't know this man's name but he looked like a 'Tim' to me. 

Speaker: I can take one more question. 
Tim: You've talked about all the right ways of writing a cover letter and synopsis but I've been doing it that way for ages and I'm not getting anywhere. Where am I going wrong?
Speaker: I couldn't tell you without looking at your synopsis to see what you're doing.
Tim: I thought you might say that so I've put a copy of it with my cover letter on the table in front of you. Can you read them and let me know?
Speaker: (Picks up letter and gapes in disbelief) Sure, I'll look at this for you.

The room falls silent, one person starts to clap, the whole audience joins in.

Me: That was the most genius thing I've ever seen.
Paddy: Everyone here is thinking the same thing right now.
Me: What's that?
Paddy: I wish I had thought of that.

So no, I'm not published like I'd hoped. And no one ended up thrusting 2 million pounds in my face either. But one thing they couldn't recommend enough however was for us to have a blog. Huzzah! BOX TICKED!!

So people, I turn to you in my hour of need. If you enjoy my blog and can think of anyone else who also might then by all means tell them about me! If you know a publisher or agent then I promise to snog you if you can introduce them to me.

Also, if you are curious about how my fiction writing goes then go and check out my Creative Writing page. It has a few ad hoc short stories I've written over the years. Let me know what you think!

I'll keep you updated on how my book goes but until then...

Peace out my lovelies.

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