Thursday, 16 June 2011

Two posts in one day? My my, you have been spoiled/monstrously punished - depending on your feelings for this blog.

My world has balanced itself out nicely. This morning every train I got was late/delayed/slow etc. On my way home however, it's been like the buses and trains have been waiting for me to arrive, I've not had to wait once. Huzzah for balance!

Yesterday I didn't post as I had a day off from work to prepare for a writer's conference I shall be attending on Saturday.

I have been looking forward to this and mentally psyching myself up for months now.

Something arrived in the post yesterday. They were some more products of my brother's creativity.

Off the back of his successful make over of my blog, I asked if he would design me some business cards following the same style. He did, and this is what he created.

My every day business card (for Lisa out on the town).

My "want to read my blog?" business card with my beloved plum.

And finally... My "so you want to publish my book 'Serenity!' Well here, have my card" business card.

Once again my brother has surpassed himself. This certainly beats my previous "let me write my details backwards on your forehead so you have something to read later in the mirror" technique.

If you are impressed with his work then go and check out his other stuff here.

Please do because he reckons I owe him now when I've told him that I've advertised his work to everyone so obviously that makes us even. He only grumbled at this, saying that he hasn't updated it in a while but I figured that wasn't exactly my problem. I've done my deed, if he's going to be lazy and not update his blog then that's his deal.

Having said that, there is loads on there so go check it out.

Wish me luck for Sat!

Peace out my lovelies.

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  1. Writer's conference, eh? Business cards, eh? Wow. Maybe I should do that....