Thursday, 2 June 2011

Scraping the bottom of the proverbial topic barrel or being verbally spontaneous? And the mystery continues.

Wow, it has not been easy coming up with something to talk about today. I've sat for at least 3 minutes with my pen to paper and my face in 'upturned ponder' mode. 

It was bound to happen eventually I suppose. I mean I've been somehow topic blessed for 3 months now, the random thoughts would have to run out at some point, my life isn't that interesting enough. 

To be honest, I'm amazed I've lasted this long. Granted, some of the posts may not qualify as newsworthy by everyone but they served their purpose. 


I'm a little concerned about the girl sitting opposite me on the train. I may have caught her eye earlier in my 'upturned ponder' moment and somehow she interpreted my 'try to be creative' look as 'I'm thinking offensive things about you and your family.' She is now looking like she wants to kill me... Seriously, she's terrifying. I never knew I could be this scared of a 10 year old.


Phew, she's gone now. She hasn't chosen to follow me home and murder me in my sleep. Score. 

This experience has encouraged me to observe the rest of the train. Let me summarise:

Some people are sitting, others are standing. To my left there is a rather yummy looking man. There are a lot of blue carrier bags for some reason. It's hot (I mean the temperature, not that I find blue carrier bags attractive... That would be weird). Yummy man is now blocked by chubby kid. Story of my life. No ginger men here today alas, two couples are groping each other though. I should write them a letter. Chubby kid has facial hair and an adult girlfriend, there is a possibility I may have got his age wrong. The train doors won't shut properly. Now they have. We're moving. It's still hot. 

I bet you're jealous you're not on this train. 

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