Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Yurts and Maniacal Laughter

I'm going away this weekend. It's pretty exciting and big for me, because the last time I organised any sort of holiday that didn't involve visiting The-Parents was 4 years ago, when One-And-Only-Daniela and I went to Barbados. Since then, I have stopped having money to enjoy such expensive travelling and have resorted to spending any time I have off from work safe in the comfort of my own bed with my own TV shows and my own filth. It's good times. However since I am on this stint of trying to get my life into some form of exciting order, I have been working on sorting out the money front and clearing that pesky thing we people all know as debt. This is going very well for me, since I started making changes a month ago, and I'm hoping that I won't get bored again and fall back on my default spending spree, which is never more exciting than wasting as much money as I can on fast food.

At the moment, I'm into budgeting. Something that Marmie in particular has been on at me to do since I was 13 years old and got my first wage as a papergirl for our local newsagent. Because I have a stubborn streak a mile long however, I was never going to get into the habit of budgeting until it became a decision I made for myself, rather than being told to do it by someone else. So, I finally decided that enough time had passed since a person had told me to budget, which meant I could class it as my own decision, and I went ahead and started at the beginning of March.

So impressed was I about the whole thing and how much it de-stressed me knowing exactly where my finances were going each month, I found that I was catching a bug that spurred me on. Last month, I rode a high that I had not experienced before. It was the high of knowing exactly how much money I had in my account to last me until the next month. It was the high that meant I knew the money I was spending on nights out was okay, because I had planned to keep that money for that particular night. It meant that any time I went to the shops to buy groceries or anything, I wasn't coming out with this horrible feeling that I had no control over what was left, coupled with a fear that my bills wouldn't get paid this month. Yup, that was my life for the past 4 years. The recession has effected me hard, and instead of learning to cope with what I had, I panicked and buried my head in the sand, then went out and bought me a KFC to make me feel better about myself, whilst all the time pretending that that didn't count as a purchase and I was therefore going to be okay... all I had to do was not think about it.

Most of the time, with my life choices, I can safely look back and realise that, although I thought it was a good idea at the time, now I know better. However, with this particular choice, I knew all along that it was a crappy way of dealing with things but have only just got to a point where I'm in a good enough place to face it head on, and it has turned out to be not as bad as I had thought.

Anywho, this month, with the help of my new best friend, which is of course a budget phone app, I have managed to work my budget so that I could include an awesome weekend away to the country for One-And-Only-Daniela's birthday. We are going off to the woods somewhere and we are spending three days in a Yurt... What's that? I hear you ask? It's okay, I didn't know either. One-And-Only-Daniela found it and told me that she reckons that it would be fun. Basically, it's a fancy looking tent with furniture. Here's a picture of where we're staying from the outside:

Rossetti outside

Here's what it looks like from the inside:

Interior of Rossetti

Nice right? And you look at that and can be totally fooled into not realising that you have just basically agreed to do a fancy version of camping until after you have booked the holiday. When you realise, there is a chance you might be slightly annoyed that One-And-Only-Daniela has tricked you into doing something you have always sworn to her that you would never do, as the last time you had slept outdoors, you ended up being rushed to hospital in an ambulance with Hypothermia. All the while, One-And-Only-Daniela is rubbing her hands together and letting out a maniacal laugh at her trickery.

Naaah, I'm just kidding (not about the hatred for camping due to hospital thing, that shizzle totally happened). I'm actually properly excited about this holiday though. And this time will be totally different. We have a furnace and wood and, most importantly, we have wine. Wine will be keeping us warm. This was not available to my 17 year old self at a Christian Salvation Army Camp, which is the last time that I attempted anything "Outdoorsy."

I'm more concerned about the toilets, and One-And-Only-Daniela's need for night time pees coupled with her refusal to go anywhere without an escort when we're indoors, let alone outdoors...

Oh, and there is an awesome lake nearby that I totally hope to dive into at some point. Look at how pretty!:

Lake with jetty


Although, being a MASSIVE fan of the movie 'Cabin in the Woods', I can't help but draw on the similarities of this lake and the one from that film... you know the one I'm talking about? The one where loads of people get violently slaughtered on? You know, after they go off for a weekend away to the middle of the woods for a random getaway? And then most of them die? You know?


I'm 50:50 on this discovery. 50% absolutely terrified that I will be dead within the first 10 minutes, 50% feeling secretly mischievous by bringing said movie with me to play to One-And-Only-Daniela and No-Nickname-Yet-Tshepiso on our first night there and see if they make the same conclusions... fabulous, no?

Now excuse me whilst I go and take my turn in the hand rubbing and maniacal laughing, and formulate my plan for Project Scare the Crap out of Really Nice People Until They Don't Want Me Around Anymore. I can see no way this will go wrong for me.

Peace out my lovelies

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