Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Just a bit of light relief for you all

Sup my lovelies,

Sorry guys but it's not going to be a long one today... having a bad day due to fighting with my bank... don't get me started. I'm not happy at all and fear that if I talk about it today, I will either get even more angry or I will say something I regret... plus I like to be happy on this thing as much as possible.

I considered just leaving it for the day, but I'm all determined with my new year's goal of one post every weekday so wanted to at least put something... As such, I've decided to just put in some awesome pictures that make people happy. So for all of your viewing pleasure, I introduce to you some photos of animals to make everyone's day brighter!!

1. Look how happy the otter feels having lovin' from his otter gals!

2. Hello Mr Llama! Yes I will be your friend, thanks for asking!

3. Guaranteed this cat would complete that before I did. 

4. Even though I know this would hurt, I kinda want tickles from this owl...

5. Me, every day around Youths.

and one more, an age old classic that never fails to bring a smile in the world of Random thoughts of a plum...

6. Oh Otter, you crack me up!

You are welcome world.

Peace out my lovelies.

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