Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I've done it again... I've gone all sickeningly happy and motivational... you're welcome?

So, life is going very much in my favour at the moment. Apparently this week is the week that everyone and everything decided to send nice things my way. Unfortunately, I can't list all the good things, because one is still pending and is only the start of good things but here is my list of awesome:

1. I made my book Utopia free for 5 days and "sold" over 400 copies.
2. I have completed book 2, after a year of writing. (Have I mentioned that A World Reborn will be available on 9th May 2014? Yes? Huh... I wonder when I did that...)
3. I weighed myself on Saturday and somehow have managed to lose half a stone in a week, officially putting me in the 'no longer overweight, just curvy' column. Awesomeness in a bag.
4. My payslip this month is so beautiful, I could cry with happiness...
5. Pending thing, which I can't talk about, but is my most exciting news, I will keep you posted.

It's only Tuesday and this is my best week so far. I am beginning to think that there is nothing I can't do this week. So much so, I might try my hand at flying... I've always suspected that I can do it, but have never actually tried it. So I've begun to formulate some form of plan involving feathers and a lot of flapping... also happy thoughts... of which I have many at the mo.

I don't mean to get all sappy and hippy and jazz, but I do honestly believe that this has begun to happen due to the outlook I have changed in my life. By thinking of positive things and doing things that are good for me, I have managed to start to actively change my life for the better. Remember at the beginning of the year, when I said that things weren't that great in terms of where my life is but I'm choosing to be happy in it? That act, right there, has caused more positive things to happen to me than my previous lifetime of wishing for my life to change. By being happy with what you have, I honestly believe it puts your brain into a place where you are more comfortable to work at making things better, even without realising your doing it.

It gives you confidence to strive for other things, hope that good things will come your way, and a self belief that you are worth these things, no matter how out of reach they may seem.

I see this as the beginning of something. I decided that 2014 would be the year where I would stop waiting for the world to change for me and actively work at changing it instead. By doing this, I worked at myself, being happy and going forward. I found things that I enjoyed doing, and I started doing them. I socialised more, I gained control of my money situation, I worked out my limits and I found a way to enjoy life within them. Through that, my limits have expanded and I am now finding I can do more now than I could before.

The above things might not seem that significant to many other people, but they're massive for me. They bring a smile to my face and make me hopeful for new things. Each of those things are accomplishments of personal goals that I set myself, and to see them begin to come into fruition is the most exciting and inspiring thing in the world.

So I want to take some of that positivity and inspiration and send it on to you lovely people. You all come onto this thing and read my rambles, and I know that they aren't gems every day. I know that sometimes they are even half arsed and boring. But you keep on coming back, and for that I'm so grateful. I want to inspire you to come up with your own goals. That thing that you always wished you could do, but haven't ever gone forward with? Try it out, just take one little baby step into making it a reality. It doesn't have to be much. Assign yourself an hour a week, to devote to that particular dream... then maybe expand on that hour. Those things that you might be invited to and you always come up with excuses not to go to, how about saying yes this time? You know what? Sometimes you might not even like it and decide never to do it again, that's fine. At least you can say you've done it once. I've done that a couple of times this year. I've had moments when I did something and realised it wasn't for me. I may have even regretted doing those things. But at least I know now, and I can move on and adapt for the future.

Life is going to be full of happy and sad moments, annoying and excitable moments, and everything else in between. Each of those are as important as each other, so each should be celebrated and marked as a learning curve. I know this year, since my recovery from all that shizzle, I may have begun to seem a little over the top in my happy words, so much so, that it's causing some of you to vomit, and I'm sorry for that! I am trying to keep the motivational 'look at how wonderful things are!' posts down to a minimum, as I appreciate not everyone wants to hear it. But I want to make clear that I'm not telling you all this stuff to rub your noses in it, if your lives aren't that great, but to encourage you all to see the greatness that already exists in your lives.

As I said, the above stuff is actually minimally exciting, if you look at it in the grand scheme of things. But they're a step in an awesome direction, I am very happy to be taking. There are things in my life that still need a lot of work, there are things that are even crappy, but I don't care. Because, I'm focusing on the other things instead. And, in the risk of sounding repetitive, I encourage you all to do the same. Take your life as it is, make a list of the good things in it, make a list of the things that need improvement, and then create (and this is important) realistic goals to get you there. Small things at first and work up from there.

Go forth people, and be happy! You all deserve it!

Peace out my lovelies

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