Thursday, 24 April 2014

A random look at self image...

I have a spot forming on my bottom lip. Look:

Can you see it? ... Actually, the question should be "How could you miss it?"

As you can imagine, it hurts like a bitch. And because it's irritating me, I have been pressing and prodding at it all morning, naturally. This, of course, means that it is going to grow into a really nasty big spot, right there in the middle of my face and I'm going to look like I've caught some nasty disease, which of course is not the case... just in case you were wondering... Ah, the wonders of life.

In other good news, I am losing weight!! Huzzah!!! Since I decided to lose the weight, back in October, I have lost 2 1/2 stone. For all of you who measure in pounds, that apparently is 35 lbs... which, I'm sorry, doesn't sound nearly as good. Especially as, when I initially read it as 35lbs, I totally read the letter L in lbs as the number one, and I was all "351 lbs!! That's absolutely INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!" Now that I know it's actually just 35, I'm a little disappointed... Additionally, In Kg, it's 15kg, apparently... which is a number I don't really have an opinion over.

Overall, we can take from this that I am feeling incredibly proud of myself and have finally got to that point where people are saying "Woah, Lisa, you look like you've lost weight!" and "Lisa! Your uniform looks like it's drowning you" etc and so forth. (Note to self: Order new uniform).

This is all in a vain attempt to ensure that I look fabulous for my brother's wedding in July, and also because I was officially being classed as overweight by doctors and all that shizzle, which is apparently bad for your health, blah blah blah.

Generally, however, I don't particularly have an opinion on weight or image. I am very much a believer that, if how you present yourself makes you happy and isn't damaging your health in any way, then let your freak flag fly! Wear what you want and be who you want and... wait, have I just turned this post into an after school special? Damn... I'll just leave you with a clip that sums up my entire view on the subject with one 31 second scene from the TV Show, Miranda...

If you guys haven't checked out her show yet, I say to you again... Go, go now and watch it. I can't stress this enough, she's the epitome of British and, also, completely hilarious.

I didn't really set out to talk about self image today, it kind of just popped up when I let my fingers do the talking for me on the keyboard. However, now that I'm on the subject, I just wanted to take a moment to say the following:

Dear Reader,

Might I just say that you are looking fabulous today. You are beautiful, as is everyone, regardless of the media and all that shizzle. You have awesome things going on for you, and even if you can't see it, I guarantee you do. Just think about, think of one thing in your life that you like. Now fixate on that thing and let the happiness from it fill you, because that thing is awesome.

Love Lisa

Okay, now I definitely have gone after school special on your arse, but that's fine, because sometimes a good bit of cheese is needed in this world. Especially if you have crackers.

Peace out my lovelies

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