Monday, 28 April 2014

Official announcement for release date on A World Reborn: Book 2 in the Utopia Series by Lisa J Harries

Hey guys,

Yeeeaaaah, so if any of you caught my previous post on Saturday night about my big news, you might have noticed I'm the teensiest bit excited about the whole thing. You'll be pleased to know that I have calmed my excitement down a little to now only include small bursts of happiness when it pops into my head. These bursts tend to cause me to spontaneously seize up every muscle and then let it all out in a massive giggle. It's cute and understandable when I'm around people who know me, not so much when I'm on a train packed with strangers...

So, in case you missed it, my exciting news is that I have officially finished the writing section of A World Reborn, which is book 2 in the Utopia series. If you don't know what the Utopia series is (hint: It's not the Channel 4 British TV Show) then look no further than my right hand bar. There you will see lovely links to my first book, which is available on Amazon as an ebook. If you don't have a kindle, but you do have a smartphone or tablet (the electronic kind, not the one made of stone for writing of commandments) then the kindle app is a free download and you can go ahead and read it on there! I thoroughly recommend you read this one first, before you try A World Reborn, I would even say that it is integral to the maximum enjoyment to be had on reading Book 2.

If you have read Utopia, however, then you are ready to read the second installment. I am currently undergoing an intense amount of editing at the moment to get this book ready. I've been editing as I've been going along, hence the reason for the long period it has taken me to finish it, but there's still more to do. As such, it's not quite ready for official publication. I can confirm a date for which it will be ready, however, and I will tell you this now.

A World Reborn: Book 2 in the Utopia Series, will be available on Amazon on Friday 9th May 2014. 

If you would like a taster of the book, then please follow this link to a post I did a month back, where I uploaded the entire prologue for you all. If you would prefer to wait until the full thing is ready, then I will leave you with the blurb for the book, just to wet your appetite. 

(Also, One-And-Only-Daniela is, at the moment, the only person who has read the book and she has officially given it her stamp of approval... Although, she is already bugging me to start Book 3, which exhausts me to even think about... I'm going to take at least a month or two off after this, before I start up again... you know, to avoid mental breakdown and so forth.)


100 years have passed since the world, as everyone knew it, ceased to be. A new community has been built in its place and, with it, a new way of life. Utopia has become the bustling metropolis it was always designed to be, but at what cost? How far does everyone need to go to adapt to the life that had been created for them by their ancestors? And just what will people do to ensure survival to continue?

Peace out my lovelies. 

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