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Fancy Things Friday: A cheeky one this week...

Welcome to Fancy Things Friday, where I talk about things on a Friday that I think are fancy!!

Okay, so I'm going to be really cheeky with this week's Fancy Thing. What is it that's cheeky, I hear you ask? Well, there's a massive chance that the Fancy Thing for this week is something that I may have had a hand in making... and "by a hand" I mean, I made it. 

I've talked about it before, although not for a while. Today, I'm going to try to do my best at actually selling myself to you... in a non prostitute way, of course. My Fancy Thing this week is my book, Utopia. 

My reasons for bringing this up again are the following:

1. I am trying to create something that the kids are calling 'hype' about the fact that Book 2: A World Reborn will be being published very soon.

2. I have made, over the period of 5 days, Utopia free on Amazon. That's right, ladies and gents, you will not need to spend a penny to buy this book. All you need to do is click on one of the links in the right hand column and then click on Purchase. It will be all yours, at no cost to you at all. The period for which this offer stands is Friday 18th April - Tuesday 22nd April 2014. Go nuts.

If the above reasons haven't already convinced you to buy this book, I'm now going to tell you a little about the book. No spoilers, I promise.

Utopia takes place in a world, not unlike the one we all live in now. It's London, in the not so distant future. It focuses on four characters predominantly, and the people involved in their lives. These characters are Christiana, Jason, Adam and Daniela.

These people are thrown together in a life altering situation. They all receive an invite to a swanky restaurant and join together on one fateful day. Whilst they spend their day enjoying the food and drink provided for them, a disaster of epic proportions happens outside. Without any of them realising, the world they love and know, and the people they love and adore, are all wiped out by a deadly toxin. Now, they are left as a select few of the thousand survivors from an apocalypse they hadn't even realised had happened.

The book continues from this point, showing their different ways of adapting to a new world and underground community that they have suddenly become a part of, with no way of going back. It takes you through their journey and the reasons as to why they were lucky enough to be saved above everyone else.

It is book 1 of a series. The amount of books in this series is still undetermined, but there will be at least 7. I am putting the final touches to book 2 as we speak and will be out soon. It has been the focus of my life for a very long time... in fact, I can't remember a time when I didn't think about a character development or plot turn for one of them within my day. The story is very special to me, and has been a lot of fun to write.

I'm not going to say much else about it, except to recommend that you go check it out in the links to the side. It really is free over this time, I'm not kidding. Also, and this is the bit that makes me uncomfortable, so I'm going to go through it as quickly as possible, but it has received amazingly good reviews. I am so grateful for the people who have read it and liked it. So far, people have only had nice things to say about it, so... you know... there's that.

Reviews so far have been: 

For a new author I thought this novel was great! The morals included are brilliantly thought through and the author clearly has imagination! I ll be waiting for the next book :-)

I loved this book. I love how it flicked between characters to give their point of view, and yet it flowed so well between them. I was constantly on the edge of my seat! You really feel like you know the characters. Great story line. Can't wait for the next book!!!!!!

This is a wonderful first book from an author with a wonderfully vibrant imagination. The main apocalyptic theme of the book is a fantastic concept for a story that hooked me in and made me want to keep reading from the very start. The characters are introduced rapidly but all have their own personalities and backgrounds that separate them from each other and really bring them to life. With the exception of one individual, the entire cast is likeable and you'll find yourself sympathising with them all at some point(s) as the story unfurls.

The first book is clearly setting up a universe and cast of characters that could spawn a whole host of other stories and with the ending of this one fresh in my mind I can't wait to read the next!

Just finished reading this book. It is certainly one of the best books I've read of late.This book had me gripped from page one to the end. The characters are portrayed in a way that allows you to build them in your own mind without even thinking that your doing it. The story line is well structured and thought through developing as it goes along bringing in the characters in a way that leaves your mind wanting to move on and see where things go. When you hit that last page all you will want to do is find out when the next one in the series comes out, as it leaves you wanting more so many questions unanswered so many possibilities is it the end or not..... I guess only time will tell I certainly can't wait for the next book

Without reservation this is one of the best books I have read in a long time. Not only does it cover ethics and morality, it skillfully interweaves the question of love versus duty. And more.......much more....

The cast of characters is superb. People were selected for Utopia based on their accomplishments to society. There are some, however, that volunteered so they could be tested with a new "toxin".

Jason, the bartender, has been promised that his partner will be able to join him. Michelle, his boss, doesn't come through on this one and it leads to near hysteria on his part and dissension within Utopia .

Lots of interesting people in this one - Connor and Christy, Adam, the actor, and Kelly, the one-in-charge - just to mention a few..

The scene that unfolds outside with the lady and her baby is heart-wrenching.

And, then there are the pods... These were developed by a genius, Daniela, who knows how to control them. When a person is placed in them, they are telepathically linked to metal which turns into statues. The "Walkers" are ready to go outside.

How much killing of innocent people could you do before you snapped?

How long could you stay inside a protected environment?

Just an outstanding twist at the end of this story... I just shook my head and said "WOW"!

Most highly recommended and I notice it says series so am hoping....

If nations knew that the end was coming, what do you think they would do?

By JennyG

Utopia (Utopia Series)It didn't take me long to get into the story - fiction that takes one to another way of thinking - what if the world was going to end? Who gets saved and why? The people in this story have all been picked for things specific to what they can do and the whole place is run by a woman! As you get into the story, you learn about each main character and actually feel like slapping some of them! A bit of a twist at the end, but I really am looking forward to the next in this series. Please, Lisa, move your fingers and get the next one out. I was quite disappointed that I couldn't just buy the next one and carry on reading.

Okay... so, you know, it's free. Might as well, right??
And that's about as good as I get at advertising my shizzle. Feel free to tell your friends.
Peace out my lovelies.

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