Thursday, 3 April 2014

Huzzah! A Milestone I am overly excitable about...

So, by February I had officially written more posts this year than in 2013. This was no hard feat as I was not in the blogging mood (or mood for anything really) in 2013, as previously stated.

However, I was still pretty regular in the year of 2012, having not quite got to a complete hermit state by that time, and yet yesterday I have officially written more posts than I had in the entire of that year! And it's only April!! This is exciting for me, as it means that I'm actually sticking to something and not being distracted by that really sparkly thing that keeps playing around me... Is it Tinkerbell? If it's Tinkerbell, I really should be paying more attention, because I have wanted to see Neverland since I was 5 years old, and if I'm missing out on that experience because I'm blogging about how I might have an infection in my eye but it's probably nothing so therefore not really worth blogging about, yet I'm still doing it, then I'm going to be really pissed. 

For the purpose of this post, I'm going to say that it isn't Tinkerbell. Therefore I can go back to being happy at sticking with doing the writing thing in 2014. It's probably more serious like a problem with my eyesight or my brain or something, and that shizzle is better off being ignored... 

Yeah, so not only is this something I've stuck at now for three months, but it was also a New Year's Resolution that I had set myself. New Year's Resolutions, by rule of thumb, I usually find to be silly and not worth doing. Mainly because I'm really bad at them and it almost always involves a cliched gym membership that eats at my already non-existent bank account whilst I ignore the gym even exists until a miracle happens, like it gets burnt down and suddenly I'm out of the contract without any effort or severance pay on my part (true story, and no... I didn't burn it down myself. To burn down the place, I would have actually had to have gone there, which I can confirm I hadn't). 

However, this being the fourth month of the year now, I can officially confirm that this is the longest I have ever kept to a New Year's Resolution. My plan was simple, I would write in this thing 5 days a week for a year. I would introduce features and new things to talk about, I would combine funny, interesting, and deep things into my repertoire, and most importantly, I wouldn't give in... no matter how annoying it gets for those of you who are connected to me on any of the social network sites and have no interest in what I have to write. I will continue to litter your feeds with links to this blog. I will live in blissful hope that soon people will start reading it. And most importantly, I will do all of these things with a skip in my step and a wink on my face, and convince myself that it has nothing to do with wasting time and everything to do with becoming someone who writes for a living. 

My plan is to keep this going for the remainder of the year and monitor any changes it might make to my current "getting paid to write words for a living" status. At the moment, I won't lie, I would starve if I were to do this full time. And also I would not be able to afford internet so I wouldn't be able to write anything either, which would be counter-productive... Also, I wouldn't be able to afford a bed, the ability to wash in warm water, or indeed anywhere that would mean I could sleep indoors... which is almost as important as the internet thing. 

So, instead I'm continuing with my 'writing is my hobby' shizzle for  the time being and playing the waiting game... whilst also writing stuff. I'm also going to try really hard to get a Fancy Things Friday post up tomorrow by being proactive and writing it before I get busy. I'm going away for the weekend, as mentioned in yesterday's post, and we leave tomorrow to a place where Internet doesn't exist. I know people used to live without Internet all the time, but currently I am struggling to find a list of things I can do in the woods that doesn't involve electricity and am coming up pretty empty. If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate it. Bearing in mind, it's a weekend with three ladies and no other population to speak of. At the moment, our plans consist of boardgames and wine. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty convinced we can fill the time quite effectively with just these two things, especially if the wine doesn't run out, but it would be nice to have a few more activity ideas under the belt should we need it. 

So, with regards to tomorrow's Fancy Things Friday, I am planning to write it in advance either tonight or tomorrow morning. There is one small problem with this plan. Although I am not a person who likes to be late (and pretty much makes it on time 9 times out of 10), I am also one of these people that finds herself procrastinating until the very last minute and then squeezing all her preparation time into the last few minutes before she leaves the house. Therefore, there is a very strong chance that, instead of writing a post tomorrow morning, I will be in bed catching up on Supernatural, New Girl and Big Bang Theory, with a little bit of 30 Rock thrown in there for good measure. Then I will realise that I am meant to be out of the house for a weekend away in exactly 15 minutes, which will lead to the Lisa-Frenzy-Special. The Lisa-Frenzy-Special includes the uncanny ability to shower, shave, pack a suitcase of clothes, and throw on make up in around 13 and a half minutes. It is then finished with an inpatient wait by the kettle as it boils and an inevitable third degree burn situation as a travel mug of coffee is filled whilst also simultaneously flying out of the door to ensure the train is not missed... I can't tell you how many times my housemates have come home to find the kettle thrown in our front garden bushes... 

So with all that bound to happen, I am loathed to promise you a post... I am hoping that my competitive nature, which is now determined to see this New Year's Resolution through to the end, will kick in and force me to write something... but my laziness may win out... we shall see. 

There, I feel I have suitably lowered all of your expectations of me. Also, I would be happy to go on record as saying this might be the most non-committal post I have ever written. Please be aware that there is a chance that I won't go on record for that, I only said I'm happy to do it, should it be needed... mind you, there is also a chance that I could become more non-committal in the future... maybe, I couldn't possibly say for certain though. 

Have a nice weekend? Or evening until I talk again? I don't know.

Peace out my lovelies 

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